Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Madness and How To Get a Turn

Hey! Guess what? Before we begin I have to announce that I won third place in a very fun contest. So if you want to see my silly rhyming query letter, read this post. ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!!

So this week, I am honoring the winner (and I still can't believe she knew the answer) of my
Creative Writer Award post. And I have to tell you all that she is

1. A very cool writer.
2. A difficult one to figure out.

BUT this week's honor goes to Christi Goddard!!

Christi's bio claims she was found under a rock and still waiting for someone to claim her. She seems a bit dark and edgy (which from me is a compliment, FYI) and is clearly very talented. But the two clues that really give it away are the name of her cat (Snape) and the fact that she clearly used Legilimency to figure out which item of mine was the truth.

Christi is clearly a WITCH.

And of course I say this with the highest respect for witches. Especially ones that could potentially turn me into a toad. So Christi - my question for you is:

Did you ever use your powers to get a book published? Or are you doing this the hard way?

Now - one more contest for you all and the winner gets to be featured on a Monday blog and find out what supernatural creature you are! OR if you've already had the honor then you can decide who I'm picking on next.

It's very simple actually - just tell me what supernatural creature you think I should interview next on my blog. I've had an interview with a Mermaid and one with a Demon, so who is next? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. So is Cristi a good witch or bad? LOL! Werewolves are all the rage now, you should definitely interview a werewolf!

  2. Heather - I'll let her decide whether she uses her powers for evil or goodness. She really like Slytherin, I can tell from her uses of the names Malfoy and Snape, but both good and bad have come out of there, so hard to say.

    Hmm. Werewolf? Interesting possibility...

  3. How about a kickle snifter (from American Folklore), they are tiny giggling beings that live in the beards of old men. In order to see one you must first eat a very large supper... until you are quite sleepy. Then find an old man with a long beard. The kickle snifters will be playing in his beard.

    I know an old grandpa that has quite an infestation of them. They sing and play on tiny fiddles in his beard all night, poor man can't sleep.

  4. m - very creative idea.
    I wonder if the kickle snifter would be interesting because it is not so well known or whether it would have all that much to say being that it doesn't really get out of the beard very much? Hmm..

  5. hahaha Christi is AWESOME -- just like you!!

    i love that you're still going strong with this concept, Lisa. it's so much fun!!!

    (and congrats AGAIN!!)


  6. Thanks Tahereh! Glad you could visit. You're pretty awesome yourself!

  7. I'm not supernatural. I'm unnatural.

    "Did you ever use your powers to get a book published? Or are you doing this the hard way?"

    Oh, if only I was so powerful... *sigh*

    I'm working on getting published the hard way. The really hard way, actually. I'm about out of agents to query and not a single nibble. I've started a new WIP to console me through my doubt of my ability.

    I think you should interview Lucky the Leprechaun. If he's too busy, try Oprah. I don't know what she is, but I'm pretty sure she's not human.

  8. You are hilarious! I love that! Unfortunately, I might get sued if I go after Oprah. I'm pretty sure her publicist would just ignore me anyhow. :)

    Unnatural? No. I doubt that. Sounds like what you're going through is totally normal. Go work on the WIP! That could be the one.

  9. I think that you should try a non-humanoid this time around, maybe a Salamander. I'm interested how a fire elemental can disguise itself as an amphibian.

  10. Interesting idea! I suppose I'd need a translator though or it might go the way of my Zombie review..

  11. Ha! How could I possibly win? I don't even know what Legilimency is!!!

  12. Julie - we must get you reading Harry Potter. I don't care what your genre is!! No excuses!