Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm an Award Winning Author!!

Well, I got this cool Creative Writer Award from my friend
Tahereh the other day (thanks Tahereh!) So, based on my usual rantings lets see if you can guess what is the truth and what is a lie...

BUT before I do - I nominate the following seven writers for this Creative Writer Award!!! You should check out their blogs too!

Okay so here it is, and bearing in mind this is a fictional blog and today is April 1st your job is to find the one truth: I'll tell you what, to make it extra interesting the prize for the first one to get it right is a profile on my Monday Feature. If I've already done you, you can nominate someone instead. :)

1. I've gone vampire hunting with Van Helsing.

2. I am married to a shapeshifter.

3. I served a short stint as an assistant to a mad scientist.

4. I've seen a ghost.

5. My MC in my manuscript Guardian (thank you very much Guardian of the Dead now I probably have to change the title) is a werewolf.

6. The monster under my bed is named Arnold.

7. My brother is a vampire.

BEWARE!! All may not be as it seems! Mwahahaha!!! I'll post the answer and the winner on my Monday Madness blog, so be sure and check back in. Hope this was as fun for you as it was for me!!


  1. Hm. I'm thinking the truth lies, or is it the lie lies, somewhere in the paragraph before the numbers. There is more than one truthful statement here.

    1, 2 and 7 would be totally cool, but I think those are the figments of your imagination.

    When can we meet Arnold?

  2. Nice try Sarah! The only thing I'll say is that there really is a numbered sentence that tells the "truth" so keep 'em coming!

  3. If #5 is true we are sistahs! Can't wait to find out! If not, you still rock, no worries ;) Thanks for handing me the award, I'm honored! I think... LOL!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Haha, I used to think my brother was a vampire because he hated going outside and he was really pale. So we might have that in common. :-)

  5. Ooh you know what the hardest part of this is? Not being able to really answer the comments for fear of giving something away!!

  6. Is it #2? Does Joe the shapeshifter change to Brad Pitt at night? Just asking!!!

  7. I hear ya on the brother. I've got one of those too.
    I think number 6 is the truth.

  8. Wow so many pasty skinned, night-owl brothers out there! Who knew? I guess everyone loves Arnold!

  9. Hey Lisa!! What a nice surprise...Thx for the nomination :)...I'm gonna guess #4 is truth and I too, have a monster under my bed, except his name is Jimbo...maybe we should get Arnold and Jimbo together for a playdate. Sry, I'm just now posting but I had some technical difficulties yesterday.

  10. Hey that's okay! You can join the party anytime. Hmm.. playdates for monsters under the bed, I'm just thinking (if it is true) how hard it will be to move the whole bed to your house for a couple of hours...

  11. I'm chosing number 3.

    John Saul wrote a book called Guardian that was about a werewolf of sorts. FYI.

    I've been blogging for a couple months and felt all alone with my black blog, but today I found TWO people with them. I'm unnaturally excited. And now a follower.

  12. Christi,
    Welcome!! So glad you found you are not alone. Interesting choice - check back on Monday to find out the truth!

  13. Lisa - Heya, I left you an award at:

  14. Christi - I'll go check it out right away! I am really impressed with your blog and your writing, so glad you found me!