Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with a Werewolf

Welcome! Today I have with me, Seth. Seth looks any normal sixteen year old boy, but let me tell you he's anything but. Every month at the full moon, he turns into a - well, lets ask him. What do you turn into Seth?

First of all, I can change anytime I want. It's just that its forced during the full moon. I can't really control myself and it can get a little hairy.


(rolls eyes) Yes. That too. Sizes vary, but since I hit my growth spurt at about thirteen, I've been turning into a six foot tall - on all fours - brown and white wolf.

Have you always been a werewolf?

No. I went camping with my dad when I was six and I got bit. Some advice - don't take small children into the woods, especially at the full moon.

I'm so sorry.

Naw. Don't worry about it. It's actually pretty cool now that I'm older. I mean girls are all into this whole Jacob thing, you know? I can totally milk it.

Which brings me to some questions from my readers. C. Lee wants to know which movie or book depicts your lycanthropic nature the very best?

You mean like Shiver? Uh, sorry, but I kind of don't really read that stuff. I mean most of those books are for girls. Plus, I really like graphic novels and comics. Even though most of us are depicted as monsters, like in Tracker, but then again, serial killers can look like you normals too. Movies though, I can handle. I sort of like New Moon, you know? Mostly cuz like I said, it attracts the ladies. But in real life? Naw. I'm cool with vampires.

I guess Heather's question won't work then. What's your favorite werewolf book?

Well, I saw Heather's picture and you can tell her I'll read her book when it comes out.

Settle down there, Seth. You're only sixteen.

Sorry. I guess I'd say I love reading the old Werewolf by Night comics by Marvel. You know, just for fun.

Catherine wants to know if you still have to fear silver bullets?

Dude, nobody uses silver bullets anymore. Too expensive. So, for the most part no. But would it hurt me? Yeah. I think a real bullet would probably hurt too though. And silver is poisonous to me. So I just tell people I'm allergic.

Ruth wants to know if you really burst out of your clothes when you transform and if what you do when you change back?

(Grins) Wanna see? Just kidding. I usually know ahead of time and I can get ready for the transformation. If I ruin clothes my mom gets pretty mad and I get grounded. Plus, like you say, when I change back - well, I have to be careful where I am.

Christi wants to know if you would legally change your name if it was a dead giveaway like "Remus Lupin?"

Ha! That's pretty funny, Christi. Naw. Seth isn't much of a giveaway. Plus I don't hide it all that much. Like I said, it helps with the ladies. I do have a friend whose a vampire and his parents have an awful sense of humor and named him Vlad. That kind of sucks. Get it? Vampire? Sucks?

Yeah. Thanks for joining me today, Seth.

Readers if you have any other questions for Seth, leave them in the comments below and he'll take a look.


  1. Thanks Seth ;) We werewolves have to stick together after all.

  2. Heather, I think someone is crushing on you. Seth is turning red.

  3. Do you read books that are non werewolves, Seth? Fantasy? YA? Nonfiction?

  4. Hey Tina! Yo! I still really like comics, but yeah, I do read other stuff. I like funny stuff like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Now that's a cool book. Non-fiction? Not so much. Makes me feel like I'm school, which I get enough of.

  5. Seth says "Nice to be gotten."

    I say, Ha ha!

  6. LOL--Great interview, Lisa! I'm sure being a werewolf does get hairy. But you really sank your teeth into the subject.

  7. This was hilarious! Seth is one feisty guy (and werewolf). Who knew Twilight would make life easier for werewolves?

  8. Anna, I guess it just goes to show you never know who you'll impact with your writing!

  9. Rowr Seth! You seem so cute for only 16, Any she-wolves in your life?

  10. Great interview! I learned a lot!

  11. Slushpile Slut - Seth says "I like you name. I'm too young to get tied down yet though. I'm gonna play the field for a while.

    Catherine - Thanks! Glad you liked it.

  12. thanks Kimberly - glad you stopped in!

  13. Seth sounds so cute and intriguing! Loved the interview!! Thanks for visiting my blog today! I'll add myself as a follower when I get on the other computer. This one won't let me follow blogs aaargh!