Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Madness - Guess Who?

Keep reading to find out about this pic!
There are two major things we need to discuss today. One is to announce this weeks victim! Thanks to Delaney Collins for volunteering, I have no problem with the fact you are a fictional character, it's just that since we already know you are a Fairy Godmother - where would the suspense be? So, instead I pick Kathy McCullough your creator. Kathy is an awesome person (Yes I can totally tell). She does so many great things for others and the environment, if you don't believe me, just check out her bio.

But there's also a mischevous spark in her. Example? Two of her favorite broadway musicals are Sweeny Todd and Little Shop of Horrors (one of my own faves btw).

So, I have to say Kathy is a Pixie! She's a little too good for her own good and loves nature. She's friendly and outgoing. BUT she's got that spark of you know what. No wonder she was able to get into Delaney's head so easily - they're practically cousins! So Kathy - got any extra pixie dust to send my way for good luck?

NOW - to the second item on our list!!! You're all wondering what was the truth in my last post! Well, I loved all the great guesses I received, but there is a clear winner. Christi Goddard!! You won!! HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GUESS THAT?? So, tune in next Monday when I figure out what Christi's true nature is...

In the meantime - allow me to explain:

1. I don't hunt vampires. They've done nothing to me.
2. My husband is a rocket scientist - not a shapeshifter - sorry Julie!
3. YUP. This is all about the picture above. Here I am as Metcalf. The evil assistant to the mad scientist from Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios, circa ohhhh lets not date myself, okay? I was an actress in my former life and I have to say as short as it was, this was the most fun I've ever had in any part.
4. Never seen one, but it doesn't mean they don't exist!
5. My MC is not a werewolf :( She and her family are Guardians, members of the secret society that serves as police to the supernatural community. There are werewolves and many other creatures in the book, however.
6. Arnold. Dear Arnold. He's not MY monster. He's the monster in my short story scheduled to come out in Bumples magazine in November entitled "Never Feed a Monster." and he lives under the bed of a ten year old boy.
7. I'm surprised how many vampire brothers are out there. Mine is a bit pale as well, but since he keeps kosher, I doubt blood is on the menu.

Phew. There it is. Alright! See you all Thursday and don't forget to comment!!


  1. Lisa! I'm so honored to be chosen! I've never thought of myself as a pixie, but I like it! I can't wait to share my "Monday Madness" identity with everyone...
    And congratulations on your story in "Bumples"!!! That's so great!

  2. I did not guess. I know. I know all.

    Put down the cookie.

  3. MMWha-mmwhat cookie?

    Must learn to practice Occlumency!

  4. Totally stumped, but I'll stay tuned in to discover whatsup.

  5. Didn't mean to throw you off there! Every Monday I pick out another writer out there in the blogosphere and decide what supernatural creature they would be. The other stuff is in regards to the Creative Writer award I got last week. Christi figured out the which was the truth among the lies.

    Hope that helps get you up to date!!

  6. That picture is fabulous! I'd say you are all evil assistant there, with a little extra allure as well!

  7. Thanks Tina. Yes that was before kids too. Sigh.