Thursday, September 16, 2010

CRUSADE Review and Contest

I recently had the incredible opportunity to read the ARC for CRUSADE by New York Times best selling authors Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié, and interviewed Debbie right here on Enchanted Inkpot about the book and what it's like to coauthor with Nancy.

Well, it isn't like me not share the wealth. At the end of this post I will offer you a chance to win the very ARC mentioned above. But in the meantime, I've invited my friend, the vampire Julian, to do a review for us here on Paranormal Point of View. I figured, I could give you my perspective (and if you stick around I will) but why not have a vampire review a vampire book?

So Julian, What did you think?

I found the book a fascinating imagining of what might happen if vampires took control of the world. It was quite thrilling really. I felt for the characters, particularly Antonio. But I do have grave concerns about this book's potential to create fear of an otherwise law-abiding community.

You mean vampires?

Precisely, Lisa. The vampires in this book, on the whole, are rather, well, nasty. Now, I am sure there are some among my kind (I can think of a few off the top of my head) who would not hesitate to make a grab for power if such an opportunity arose. However, I have to believe the great majority of us would fit right in.

So, then, is Twilight a more realistic interpretation of vampire society?


I take that as a "no."

I do not sparkle.

I can see that.

Nor do I compete with werewolves for territory. Or my girlfriend.

I'm sorry if I offended you.

No. It is all right. I suppose someone must speak up. But the thing is, these books are labeled fantasy for a reason. I much prefer CRUSADE to that other book anyway. There is much more action. It still has a very good love story - yes a bit of romance does not threaten my masculinity. And it is nothing like the "typical" vampire books on the shelves today. As long as people do not take it too seriously and start hating vampires, I can recommend it.

I can understand your concern, Julian.

Thank you. You wouldn't want a book about evil writers taking over the world out there, would you?

Hmm. *Gets lost in possibility*

Thank you for inviting me over today, and for allowing me to read this book.

Thank you, Julian. Now, what did I think? I thought it was great! Readers of WICKED will love that there are still witches in this universe, and there is a lot of kick-butt action, which I always enjoy. The characters are diverse and interesting. And as Julian so rightly pointed out, this is NOT your typical vampire story.

So you want to win the ARC? Great! Just be a follower - old or new, I don't care. Then pass the word through a tweet or blog. Then leave me a comment with a way to contact you (email) and - here's the big thing - a reason you still love vampires or why you think vampire books will never truly die, or if neither of those apply, why you want this book. The most creative comment will get an extra entry!



  1. Haha! That moment of:

    "So, then, is Twilight a more realistic interpretation of vampire society?


    I take that as a "no."

    I do not sparkle."

    had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD. :)

  2. Vampire books will never die because like vampires - they are immortal.
    I like vampire books because each one feels different when I read it.

    passed the word through tweet:

  3. Did you say the most uncreative answer? Then I win! Ta da!

    Awesome interview with non-sparkly Julian. I'm tweeting your contest now!

  4. The humanity inside a vampire never dies. It may be pushed far far away but it remains. It can't be taken away without turning the vampire into something else. The constant need for companionship or a memory of a past life forces a vampire to always seek out the life it used to have. Vampires don't sparkle, but they do tweet! I too will put your contest up. GL!

  5. Julie - wait a SECOND... I'm on to you!

    Wollfspain - glad vampires are into tweeting!

  6. I love the idea of a "sparkly" vampire. Yumm.

  7. It's a really cool cover. I'm putting this contest on my sidebar and am becoming a follower.

  8. Theresa - so glad to have you!!! Thanks for entering and good luck.

  9. "evil writers taking over the world" Hmm. *Gets lost in possibility* yeah, me too! I was reading over at Susan Kaye Quinn's blog and something about a dragon in a box sent me off on a creative tangent, too!

    Vampires will never die out of literature because they are undead, after all; and as long as books exist (and no matter how many silver stakes you drive through books, people will just keep writing more, and telling more stories).

    I feel really guilty about putting in my 2 cents worth for another contest after winning Shiver and Linger - but I can't resist. But if I win, I do promise I will pass it on in a giveaway of my own. And I'll post your announcement on my sidebar.

  10. Margo - that's great! No worries. Susan's blog is great, isn't it?

  11. Vampires books will never die. The myth behind them has so many different ways it can be interrupted and adapted. There are always new vampire types being invented.

    Im a follower

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    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  12. donnas - So true! Good thing Julian set us straight on the reality behind the myth. :D

  13. So cool! Vampire stories just can't die. You know; the whole immortal thing....hee. Seriously, there's a lure about immortality and how one would live. Where vamps are concerned, the idea of living 'off' another I think intrigues people, especially when there's the struggle to not do wrong or hurt a human. I find it all alluring.

    Tweeted you. @SherWordsGirl

    Ooh, email:

  14. Salarsen - Yes! Very good interpretation. I might have just said "vamps are cool" he he he.

  15. This book sounds excellent! Vampires will never die because they're immortal. Um, duh. LOL! Really though, they'll never die because they embody all that so many ache to be, forever young, beautiful, and powerful.

  16. Heather - good answer. And it was a fun book!