Friday, November 29, 2013

Ian Kezsbom

Ian doesn't have a huge online presence like my other honorees, but he's no less important to me! See, Ian is not only an uber talented writer, he's also an AH MAZE ING editor. MY editor and president of Fuzzbom Publishing the company that published not only THE BINDING STONE, but all of the JOURNEYS OF WONDER anthologies. Ian's a busy guy (almost as busy as his wife, Deborah). He's a father, a film editor, and a publisher/writer. But he always gets back to me no matter how much is going on. He's multi-talented and a very funny guy. He does have a blog under Journeys of Wonder (clicky click). Happy Turkey Week, Ian!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Angela Ackerman

Angela is another one of those people that spreads the awesomeness beyond expectations. She and Becca (who is also topped with awesome sauce) run Writers Helping Writers blog, which says it all in the name. But Angela is also funny, sweet, and smart. If you're a writer you need to check out their bookstore, full of helpful craft books like the Emotion Thesaurus.

So this shout out is for her! *sprinkles bacon and pixie dust* because she's also a bacon fanatic. ;D

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Martina Boone

Martina probably doesn't need introduction. She's the mastermind (and I mean that literally) behind the Adventures in YA and Childrens Publishing blog. She started the First Five Pages Workshop with me. And she has the first book in her trilogyThe Heirs of Watson Island, BEHOLDEN, coming out soon (but not soon enough so go mark it on Goodreads). I've known Martina for a while now and I have to tell you, she is one of those people who can accidentally intimidate you with her brain power and creative process. She's supportive, brilliant, and unbelievably talented and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Leslie Rose

I can't mention Julie without telling you about our third musketeer, Leslie! Leslie is kind, giving, creative, intelligent, and one of the funniest people I know. She's also unbelievably talented. It blows me away how she can switch genres at the drop of a pin and keep the amazing voice like she does. So this shout out is for her.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Julie Musil

Julie is not only my first writing buddy, she's seriously the nicest person I know. I can't even believe how sweet she is sometimes. She's also a talented writer and an avid blogger who has touched so many others. So this shout out goes to Julie!!! Look for her first book coming out soon. THE BOY WHO LOVED FIRE and go mark it to read on Goodreads. ;D

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Spread the Love

I'm switching gears since Thanksgiving is next week. I want to take time out to say thank you because I'm so grateful to so many of you. I know I'll forget people, I have trouble with that sort of thing and I don't want to leave anyone out. But I do have a few extra special people I want to give a virtual hug to. 

But I want to spread the love! So here's the deal - leave a comment anytime this week or next and let me know who you're thankful for, their email/website, and a short reason why and I will pick a couple of these awesome peeps and give them a book or critique (you may want to specify what you think they'd like), letting them know it was YOU behind the whole thing. 

Why not do something nice for someone?

So next week (turkey week) I will be doing one short post per weekday about people I'm thankful for. I hope you'll go say hello to some of these folks because they are awesome. Trust me on that! And if I don't *feature* you, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate you. Let me know who else in the blogosphere you appreciate and I'll help share the love. 

Because supporting each other is one of the best parts of being a writer!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Put It Away - Not Yet!

I thought this topic may be appropriate for those participating in Nano as well. I've been talking about breaking rules of writing and I plan on tackling one of the biggest right now - putting it away after the rough draft before you work on it.

I've mentioned before how important it is to set your manuscript aside to see it with fresh eyes. Are you ready for this?

You just wrote (are writing) a rough draft. You've vomited out fifty thousand words in one month. The characters and plot are an excited jumble in your mind that won't let you sleep. 


Yup. That's right. If it's what's on your mind and you're itching to tackle a revision, go ahead.

Shouldn't you put it away?? *bites nails* YES. You should. Just... not yet. Don't you dare go querying it or anything. But are you going to have to revise? No question. So if you want to work on it until you can't see straight go ahead, and THEN when you've had it, when you can't tell one sentence from another, THEN you put it away in the proverbial drawer. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


He he. Like my title? Lee McKenzie pointed out a rule the other week that I just LOVE to break as well and that is starting a sentence with "and" or "but". Also, writing in fragments. See what I did there? LOL

If you do it too much, it's distracting. I usually end up fixing quite a few in edits, but it's part of my style as an author. I don't do it because I have a reckless disregard for grammar (though I admit I'm not the best at that). I do it because it lends power to my words, my flow, and my voice. If it doesn't? Then I get rid of it. 

OH. You noticed the contest part, did you? *rubs hands together* I've decided to give you all some incentive to participate. All you have to do is suggest a writing rule you want me to talk about in this blog series and I will use to pick a winner. Sound good? Easy peasy, just the way I like it! 

What do you win? How about a Kindle version of THE BINDING STONE? Already read it? I'll give you your choice of that or a five page critique. Oh and of course a shout out if and when I pick your suggestion. Contest is open now through Friday at midnight EST. No extra points, but my everlasting gratitude if you help publicize it. ;D

Back to my rule of the day. And you've also been waiting for the "butt" part, haven't you? Here's an excerpt (possible slight spoilers) from THE BINDING STONE just for you. Thought you might like to see Taj in action since the next book features him quite prominently. ;D

My hands tremble. Mira has grown silent and remains pressed against the ceiling staring at me. What does she see? Does she see a monster? A murderer? A traitor? 

“I will hold her here.” Taj’s voice in my ear startles me. 


“Yes, I have a lovely butt,” says Taj. “No need to thank me, it looks ever so much fun. Now, go save that handsome master of yours.” 


“Yes, he also has a nice ass. Too nice to get beat to a pulp. Now go.”   Taj’s hands rise toward the ceiling, and I feel the burden lifted from my own. He refuses to make eye contact with me. 

I lean in and kiss him on the cheek.