Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview with Evie from PARANORMALCY

You all know about the newly released PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White, RIGHT? I sure hope so because I've had the immense pleasure of reading it before it was released. And I'm here to tell you it is awesome! So awesome in fact, that I asked Kiersten if she'd mind if I asked Evie, her MC, a few questions, and she was nice enough to agree. But, was that enough?? NO WAY! I also decided that since I won the chance to read PARANORMALCY, I should pass it forward to YOU. So, one lucky winner will receive his/her very own copy courtesy of moi. I'll leave details at the end because right now you want the interview...

Evie, why don't you tell us something about yourself for the readers that don't know you yet?

This one time I decided I was tired of hanging around outside Lish's tank. (Sometimes having a mermaid for a best friend sucks. For one thing, manicures are impossible.) So I figured, hey, if the Center I live in has a gigantic, coral-reef filled tank for Lish, and IPCA won't let me go on a scuba-diving trip, I'd make do. However, Raquel was not amused when my expense reports came in and she saw I'd ordered full scuba gear. She sent it all back, didn't let me keep any of it.

Not even a snorkel.

I'd say that describes you pretty well! But being a sixteen-year-old-girl, it must be a little intimidating going after powerful creatures like vampires. How can you stay so cool under pressure?

See, that's where people get it wrong. Vampires are huge, huge wimps. All of their muscles are withered and wasted (yes, nasty). If they can't mesmerize you with their stupid vampire compulsion, you're set.

I guess carrying my own custom Taser everywhere with me lends some confidence, too.

You must have seen some pretty interesting things. What is the strangest thing you've ever seen?

This one time Lish managed to sneak in a travel order for me to go to L.A. to watch the red carpet walk at a premiere of a Very Big Movie that I won't name here because I'd get in trouble. The vampire character? Not a vampire. The werewolf character? DEFINITELY REALLY A WEREWOLF. Too bad TMZ ignored my email.

Is there anything you don't believe in?

The tooth fairy is totally bogus. Trust me, the last thing you want sneaking around your room at night is a faerie.

What's your biggest wish?

Sometimes I want more than anything to try out normal life. You know, high school, lockers, driving, wild parties where the police get called and you have to escape down the fire ladders with that darkly handsome and dangerous boy you met and probably shouldn't date but are going to anyway. That, and I'd like to guest star on my favorite teen drama, Easton Heights.

What's next for Kiersten?

I think she needs a nap, honestly. And she also needs to wear more pink. I hear she's writing more books or something, too.

Thanks Evie and Kiersten!

Now, if you want the book here are the rules:

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Add 'em up and leave the total in the comment please.

Sound good? Okay! Deadline is September 8 NOON Pacific. Capiche? I'll announce the winner the next day right here. U.S. only please. I have sooo many contests lately and upcoming that I'm becoming quite poor. Terribly sorry all.


  1. I just got this in the mail yesterday and can't wait to read it. I'll refrain from entering, as such :) We'll blog/tweet it to spread the word. Great post. You always have fun reads. Have a great weekend, Lisa!

  2. Evie sounds like a chick I would love to read more about! Good job Kiersten and Lisa!

    I'm confused though & in need of more coffee I'm sure but was the deadline yesterday? Either way I'm tweeting about count me in if it's not too late :)

  3. Thank you M!

    Christine - so glad!

    Slushpile- YOU ARE RIGHT!! URGH. I will fix right away and you get an extra entry point for pointing it out!!

  4. Uh-May-Zing interview!! I love it! Kiersten is all kinds of brilliant. I loved the questions, too. Thanks for sharing!
    As for what I'm doing right now?
    *feels superior now that she's read PARANORMALCY and knows what Evie is talking about* :-)

    The book rocks! Can't wait for SUPERNATURALLY.
    Don't enter me in your contest b/c I already have it AND I LOVE IT! Did I mention that? hee hee.

  5. Katrina - so glad you read it too! *winks* Thanks for stopping by!

  6. wow! what a great interview!! very funny. would love a chance to win this book
    i'm a new follower +1


  7. Marian - that's great! Glad you found me. Good luck!

  8. I want this!!

    I'm an old follower (+2)
    I tweeted about it (+1)
    And you can contact me on twitter @katydidcamp

    Total: +4

  9. I have heard such great things about this book and would love to win a copy!

    +1 for being a new follower
    +1 for the comment
    = 2 total

  10. Katherine - Well, SOMEBODY's going to get it... :D

    Alexa - Good luck!!

  11. Well, you've ruined my day. I thought the tooth faerie was the one with ready cash.

  12. Maybe the Tooth Fairy just runs in different circles...

  13. Great interview :) Can't wait to read this book!

    I've tweeted so 4 points for me :) Thanks for the opportunity!

    email = jemifraser(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. hey! i've been looking forward to reading this. love contests.
    +2 old follower
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    =3 points/entries!

  15. Jemi - Thanks Hon!

    Amie - It is so much fun to read!

  16. Awesome interview! Do I really have to add? Oh my gosh...

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  17. Julie - Oh you are so funny! If you're old, I'm not much better off..

  18. love the interview from the MC's POV!! and thanks for the contest!
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  19. Be a follower! +1 for new followers 2. Comment w/email address or way to contact you if you win +1
    Blog about it +5
    Put it on your blog role +1

    Paranormalcy is one of the books I have been anticipating all summer. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. :)

  20. Great idea to interview her character. I can't wait to read this one. :)

  21. So excited to read this novel!!!! Hope to win!!! Great interview though!

  22. +2 Old Follower
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    Total: 5

    I want to read this so badly!! I loved the interview :D

  23. I'd love to win!

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    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  24. Jen, April, and Aik - GOOD LUCK!!

    Everyone else - time's up for now!! So I'm going to pick a winner.