Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ban This!

I have a suspicion. Something that began as a wisp of a thought somewhere in the back of my mind. Something that's taken shape the more I think about "banned book week." You see, I believe the whole thing is part of a greater conspiracy. Those individuals that ban books (or try to) have somethings in common.

At first I tried to figure out what it was that might make a person ban a book - particularly a fantasy book (see this post on Enchanted Inkpot from Monday). Then I realized that probably wasn't it. I mean yes, sadly unicorn attacks are on the rise (we'll be discussing Unicorns V. Zombies sometime soon I promise). But that can't account for all of this foolishness. It seems like more and more people join this fight every day. On the wrong side. Yes I just said one side was wrong.

So lets take a look at the facts together shall we?

* Mindless hord mentality. No pitchforks as of yet.
* Trying to stifle creativity, imagination, knowledge, understanding and most higher brain function
* Personal needs are more important than those of others, and all must comply
* Attempting to keep others in the dark and shut down open lines of communication
* Frightened of big shiny things like ideas
* An undeniable hunger for devouring the brains of others

Okay, maybe that last one is debatable... But darn it, it fits!! Don't you see? They're ZOMBIES and they're slowly taking over. I say we check their eyes because that's how you can tell. Rotting flesh can be covered up, but the eyes will still look glassy and vacant. Though frankly, I'm not sure I would be willing to get close enough to verify this information.

So how do we stop it? Don't let them devour the brains of our children. keep those brains healthy and strong by encouraging reading of all kinds. Whatever lights that fire behind their eyes, so they don't become glassy and vacant like the others. Then THEY cannot reproduce.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrity Monday Madness Part 3

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Oprah Winfrey is retiring from her show. I'm sure you've heard about it. About half of my friends, when they found out I was writing, said, "I can't wait to see you on Oprah." Nevermind that I write YA (and yes I am aware they were being supportive). But the point is Oprah was the first thing that sprang to their minds. She's so powerful that she actually convinced J.K. Rowling to appear on her show, if the rumors are true October 1st! So what is she? Faery Queen. Obviously. I mean who else wields that kind of power?

Johnny Depp. Okay, he's hot. He's an incredible actor. And yeah, I suppose he's a little odd. I'm onto him though. Only one thing could do such a great job at becoming all of those mind-blowing characters. He's a Changeling.
Angelina Jolie is drop-dead gorgeous, and she has about 5000 kids. I don't know, but I lost count ages ago. Plus she has Brad Pitt. Hmm. I'm going with Witch. And no, that isn't the politer vernacular. I mean it literally. I think she's into some serious voodoo. That's the theory I'm going with anyhow since none of that typically comes naturally, let alone all of the above.

Neil Patrick Harris is awesome, isn't he? But heck, to me he'll forever be typecast as Dr. Horrible. If you haven't seen it, please go NOW. Yes, I'm sorry Vordak, but Neil Patrick is the Ultimate Villain. He stole my heart.
Sheldon Cooper - uh, I mean Jim Parsons - is something that took me quite some time to figure out. The reality is so insidious that it's hard to fathom. Werewolf? No. Vampire? No again. Ghost? Bzzz wrong answer. He's an ACTOR. They do exist.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Should've Been a Writer and Contest Winner!

Before I begin today's post, I must announce the winner! Congratulations WOLFSPAIN! You won not only the extra entry for being most creative, but my own copy of the ARC of CRUSADE. Just email me your address at parnormalpov at gmail dot com and I will send it to you! If I don't hear from you by this time next week, however, I will have to move on to another lucky winner since you left me no other way to contact you.

Now, on to the post!!

Dr. Frankenstein should've been a writer. I mean talk about perseverance, right? Everyone told him he was crazy, shot down his creative ideas, even sent an angry, torch-bearing mob after him. Okay, well, I've never had a mob come after me, but still...

Mr. Hyde should've been a writer. It would have been a much better outlet for him. Gotten him into far less trouble. And who doesn't love a good horror story. Yes. He would've been better off the writer instead of the MC.

Captain Ahab should've been a writer. He really knew how to get a handle on character. He was seriously in that whale's head. And I mean, really? A whale that has malicious intent? The man would've been a genius with voice.

Dracula should've been a writer. He could have set the record straight and prevented all these different versions of what a vampire truly is. Plus, seeing from the vampire's perspective? Priceless.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Scariest Villain of ALL

I write and read a lot of paranormal. Which consequently, quite often, crosses over with horror. When I was younger, I used to be easily scared. I was afraid of werewolves in particular. Nowadays? Not so much. I can handle, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and monsters. I'm none too fond of evil clowns, but I can deal. What I can't understand are people that BAN books.

I am a huge proponent of never saying negative things on the internet. I don't like confrontation. I'm not an argumentative person in general. But sometimes things go too far. Sometimes I have to speak up, or risk losing my integrity.

Anyone remember Natzi Germany? Yeah, they burned a lot of books. Things by Jewish people like Einstein and Freud. Is this an extreme example? You betcha! But is it unrealistic? I don't think so.

This is America. We believe in the principles of freedom of speech, and, well, just freedom in general. That no matter what your beliefs are, I'm entitled to my own. And the scariest thing to me is that it seems what people are trying so hard to ban or remove are the books that realistically depict the situations teens have to face in their real lives. Ellen Hopkins anyone? How about Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Then there are books that just make no sense to me. HARRY POTTER?? Just take a look at this list. THIS is what truly frightens me. This is the monster that goes bump in the night. So how do we go Van Helsing on it? Well, number one is speaking up. Letting the world know that this is NOT okay. That we support these authors and buy these books. That we recognize voices that cry to be heard, instead of keeping quiet and allowing them to be swept under the carpet. Or burned at the stake.

So? Are you going to help me fight the real monster, Ignorance? What have you done? What do you plan to do?


You have until Midnight Tuesday PST to enter my contest for an ARC of CRUSADE. I'll post the winner on Thursday. Good luck!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CRUSADE Review and Contest

I recently had the incredible opportunity to read the ARC for CRUSADE by New York Times best selling authors Nancy Holder and Debbie ViguiƩ, and interviewed Debbie right here on Enchanted Inkpot about the book and what it's like to coauthor with Nancy.

Well, it isn't like me not share the wealth. At the end of this post I will offer you a chance to win the very ARC mentioned above. But in the meantime, I've invited my friend, the vampire Julian, to do a review for us here on Paranormal Point of View. I figured, I could give you my perspective (and if you stick around I will) but why not have a vampire review a vampire book?

So Julian, What did you think?

I found the book a fascinating imagining of what might happen if vampires took control of the world. It was quite thrilling really. I felt for the characters, particularly Antonio. But I do have grave concerns about this book's potential to create fear of an otherwise law-abiding community.

You mean vampires?

Precisely, Lisa. The vampires in this book, on the whole, are rather, well, nasty. Now, I am sure there are some among my kind (I can think of a few off the top of my head) who would not hesitate to make a grab for power if such an opportunity arose. However, I have to believe the great majority of us would fit right in.

So, then, is Twilight a more realistic interpretation of vampire society?


I take that as a "no."

I do not sparkle.

I can see that.

Nor do I compete with werewolves for territory. Or my girlfriend.

I'm sorry if I offended you.

No. It is all right. I suppose someone must speak up. But the thing is, these books are labeled fantasy for a reason. I much prefer CRUSADE to that other book anyway. There is much more action. It still has a very good love story - yes a bit of romance does not threaten my masculinity. And it is nothing like the "typical" vampire books on the shelves today. As long as people do not take it too seriously and start hating vampires, I can recommend it.

I can understand your concern, Julian.

Thank you. You wouldn't want a book about evil writers taking over the world out there, would you?

Hmm. *Gets lost in possibility*

Thank you for inviting me over today, and for allowing me to read this book.

Thank you, Julian. Now, what did I think? I thought it was great! Readers of WICKED will love that there are still witches in this universe, and there is a lot of kick-butt action, which I always enjoy. The characters are diverse and interesting. And as Julian so rightly pointed out, this is NOT your typical vampire story.

So you want to win the ARC? Great! Just be a follower - old or new, I don't care. Then pass the word through a tweet or blog. Then leave me a comment with a way to contact you (email) and - here's the big thing - a reason you still love vampires or why you think vampire books will never truly die, or if neither of those apply, why you want this book. The most creative comment will get an extra entry!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Character/Voice Vlog of the Series

Well, here it is folks. Hope you've enjoyed my little experiment as much as I have. Don't forget to come back on Thursday for another chance to win something very cool!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Have a Winner!! And a Little Poem

We have a winner!!! But the rest of you should not despair. I have yet another amazing contest coming up next week. So please stay tuned.

In the meantime - Congratulations to APRIL!!! You won a copy of PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White.

Now, this week happens to be a little busy for me, but you are all so very important to me that I had to do something for you. So here is the very first poem that I ever put up on the Undead Poet's Society, the one that made me a charter member. A little flashback full of Zombie love.

The Zombie's Point of View
Lisa Gail Green

It’s all I can think about,
all I can see,
wherever I look,
they’re calling to me.

Oh yes, they are hiding,
inside of their shell,
and I know what you’re thinking -
I’m going to Hell.

But really how can I?
I’m already dead.
And it’s not like there’s much
left inside of my head.

Just a ravenous hunger for
what’s inside yours.
Oh, I used to like muffins and
tacos and s’mores.

But now that I’m dead,
those things will not do,
I have to have slimy,
and squishy brain stew.

Scratch that – don’t cook it,
it’ll lose all its flavor,
the meaty thick texture
that I love to savor.

It’s not like I asked
to become walking-dead.
But now that I am,
it needs to be said.

I may not be fast,
but I’m very persistent.
So sit back and relax,
it just hurts for an instant.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Vlog #3 in Which I Get Into Character For You

Don't forget to enter my contest to win a copy of PARANORMALCY and read my interview with Evie (the main character). You have until Wednesday after all.

Okay here it is, installment number three. You get to hear me read from two different books. Be sure to do your homework because Monday is the final installment. Sorry if it's choppy, I'm not a film editor and I do tend to babble sometimes, and didn't want you to have to suffer. :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview with Evie from PARANORMALCY

You all know about the newly released PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White, RIGHT? I sure hope so because I've had the immense pleasure of reading it before it was released. And I'm here to tell you it is awesome! So awesome in fact, that I asked Kiersten if she'd mind if I asked Evie, her MC, a few questions, and she was nice enough to agree. But, was that enough?? NO WAY! I also decided that since I won the chance to read PARANORMALCY, I should pass it forward to YOU. So, one lucky winner will receive his/her very own copy courtesy of moi. I'll leave details at the end because right now you want the interview...

Evie, why don't you tell us something about yourself for the readers that don't know you yet?

This one time I decided I was tired of hanging around outside Lish's tank. (Sometimes having a mermaid for a best friend sucks. For one thing, manicures are impossible.) So I figured, hey, if the Center I live in has a gigantic, coral-reef filled tank for Lish, and IPCA won't let me go on a scuba-diving trip, I'd make do. However, Raquel was not amused when my expense reports came in and she saw I'd ordered full scuba gear. She sent it all back, didn't let me keep any of it.

Not even a snorkel.

I'd say that describes you pretty well! But being a sixteen-year-old-girl, it must be a little intimidating going after powerful creatures like vampires. How can you stay so cool under pressure?

See, that's where people get it wrong. Vampires are huge, huge wimps. All of their muscles are withered and wasted (yes, nasty). If they can't mesmerize you with their stupid vampire compulsion, you're set.

I guess carrying my own custom Taser everywhere with me lends some confidence, too.

You must have seen some pretty interesting things. What is the strangest thing you've ever seen?

This one time Lish managed to sneak in a travel order for me to go to L.A. to watch the red carpet walk at a premiere of a Very Big Movie that I won't name here because I'd get in trouble. The vampire character? Not a vampire. The werewolf character? DEFINITELY REALLY A WEREWOLF. Too bad TMZ ignored my email.

Is there anything you don't believe in?

The tooth fairy is totally bogus. Trust me, the last thing you want sneaking around your room at night is a faerie.

What's your biggest wish?

Sometimes I want more than anything to try out normal life. You know, high school, lockers, driving, wild parties where the police get called and you have to escape down the fire ladders with that darkly handsome and dangerous boy you met and probably shouldn't date but are going to anyway. That, and I'd like to guest star on my favorite teen drama, Easton Heights.

What's next for Kiersten?

I think she needs a nap, honestly. And she also needs to wear more pink. I hear she's writing more books or something, too.

Thanks Evie and Kiersten!

Now, if you want the book here are the rules:

1. Be a follower! +1 for new followers +2 for old followers
2. Comment w/email address or way to contact you if you win +1
3. Tweet about it +1
4. Blog about it +5
5. Put it on your blog role +1
6. Have a new follower say you sent them +2

Add 'em up and leave the total in the comment please.

Sound good? Okay! Deadline is September 8 NOON Pacific. Capiche? I'll announce the winner the next day right here. U.S. only please. I have sooo many contests lately and upcoming that I'm becoming quite poor. Terribly sorry all.