Critiquing Services

I now offer first five page critiques and will consider longer critiques on an individual basis.

For a limited time the first five page critique will be offered at the introductory price of $35. 

I will look for the following:

  1. MC
    1. Is she/he someone we connect with right away? 
    2. Is his/her problem clear?
    3. Is his/her goal clear?
  2. PLOT (note: I may need to see a short synopsis to be thorough)
    1. Do you introduce the question soon enough?
    2. Do you plant breadcrumbs appropriately? 
    3. Do you start at the right place?
  3. WORLD
    1. Are we appropriately grounded in the world?
    2. Do you have the adequate amount of description?
      1. Do you give us enough information?
      2. Do you give us too much information?
    1. Do you use the appropriate tone?
    2. What do I expect from this book? 
    3. Writing
      1. Do you vary your sentence/paragraph structure enough?
      2. Is it appropriate to your genre?
      3. Adverb/adjective/passive verb usage, etc.
*My critiques do not include grammar and line edits. 

If you are interested please email me at LisaGailGreen at Gmail dot com. 

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