Monday, October 25, 2010

Top Ten Vampires of All Time

Okay, sure, it's my opinion. But my opinion matters!! In honor of the week before Halloween, I list below the top ten vampires of all time:

10. Count Scary
What??? You've never heard of him???? Well, let me enlighten you. He was probably the first vampire I ever liked. And he was HUGE. In Detroit. In the 80s. Just watch this clip if you want to get to know him better.

9. Edward Cullen
Okay. He had to be on the list somewhere, right? I admit it. I like him. I still don't understand his choice in women, but whatever. That's his prerogative. He's still got that whole brooding but dangerous thing going on. So yeah, he makes the list.

8. Nosferatu
Creepy. Need I say more? I mean for the time this movie was made, I'd say it was pretty good. I know I had nightmares after seeing his face for the first time.

7. Blade
I grew up with a comic book addict brother, so through osmosis I picked up a thing or two. One of which was the character Blade, later made into a movie which some of you might just be familiar with. I love the tragedy associated with Blade. That he's half-human and hunts other vampires.

6. Dracula from the movie Love At First Bite
If you haven't seen this campy movie, go rent it immediately. It is silly and wonderful. A good introduction to vampires for those a little less comfortable with the whole scare factor thing.

5. Spike
I admit that I never watched Buffy faithfully (a mistake I want to rectify as soon as possible) but the little I have seen of Spike, I LOVE. Who wouldn't love that attitude of his?

4. Eric
Yup, I picked and he beats Bill hands down. At least in the books. Don't know who I'm referring to? Get out from under that rock and watch True Blood. Or better yet, read the Sookie Stackhouse books. Eric the viking is one tall drink of.. well, blood I guess. But Whoa. Yeah. He's just plain awesome.

3. Dracula
As in the original BOOK people. Classic vampire all the way. Not the first of his kind, but truly the quintessential vampire. Smoldering sexuality and danger. Now that's what I'm talking about Bram.

2. Damon
Have I MENTIONED Ian Somerhalder on this blog? Oh YEAH I have. Here. I was tempted to put him at number one. Because I love Damon. Do you notice a pattern here? Hmm. Eric not Bill. Damon not Stephen. Spike. Yeah, I like the dangerous ones, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

1. Lestat
Why is Lestat number one? He's the original bad boy vampire with redeeming qualities. The one that came first. At least for me. In fact Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire series was the first I ever read. And I've been hooked ever since.

So there you have it. My top ten list for Halloween. What do you think? Have any suggestions of your own? Thursday I will be covering another wonderful topic in honor of All Hallows Eve, but with great info for writers. So be sure to stop by because I LOVE when you visit me!


  1. Yeah, Blade is cool. And Spike. But you got it right with Lestat. I'm thinking Damon, too. ";-)

  2. Great list, you were dead on with Lestat and Damon! Well done!

  3. Love the list. Definitely watch more of Spike--you will not be disappointed. Dracula is tops along with Lestat. Of course, Edward is one of my most recent favs. He does have bad taste in women. Thanks.

  4. I'm a total Spike fan all the way. And I just watched Blade Trilogy last night, so I'm with you on him (though Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King is way prettier). I love Lestat, too. Great list!

  5. I'm still laughing at your Edward comment. I can't believe he was a vampire for almost a century and Bella's the best he can come up with. ;)

  6. Salarsen - Thanks! Yeah, they had to take the top spots.

    Renae - Thank you!

    Christine - I plan on seeing more of Spike. And you are very welcome.

    Christi - Thanks! I know I did okay if you liked it. ;D

    Stina - LOL well put!!!

  7. I'm not a vampire fan (gasp!) but I loved "Love at First Bite." The line "Never a quickie, always a longie" is still a joke between my sisters and I!

  8. Julie - it is definitely a classic. :D Great line too,

  9. Ohhh... Ian Smolderabs

  10. Love at First Bite is such a great movie! I've already been informed my one of my blog Sisters that I'd love True Blood, so I'll have to add it to my Netflix list!

  11. Kristi - do check it out, but personally if I had to pick, I'd go for Vampire Diaries. FYI.

  12. I haven't seen Vampire Diaries, but all the other picks are great. And Count Scary? Wow, I haven't thought of him for a *long* time. :)

  13. Jami - LOL, no kidding! My brother mentioned him the other day, and that's what inspired this post! I recommend Vampire Diaries. You should check it out.

  14. Spike, Lestat, Eric and Damon are four of my all-time favorites! Great list :-)

  15. Thanks, Kelly! It's hard not to have them on a top ten.

  16. I will always have a special place in my heart (neck?) for Anne Rice's novels. They were my first fiction vampires.

  17. great list! i loved interview with the vampire too. my favorites not on the list: The Count (from Sesame Street) and the wicked boys from The Lost Boys. Those are some smokin vampires!

  18. Lydia - So true! that's why Lestat got position numero uno!

    Amie - those are great vamps too! Especially the Count. I guess he'd have to be #11!!

  19. Hey, what happened to Grandpa from the Munsters? Okay, not the stuff of fantasies, but an awesome vamp nonetheless.

  20. Leslie - I'm embarrassed to say I forgot about Grandpa!! He was indeed awesome. I loved the Munsters. I even preferred it over the Adam's Family, though I've seen both. Good catch!