Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going Mad for Going Bovine

Today I have asked a special guest to come and review Libba Bray's newest book, Going Bovine. I wasn't sure who to ask at first. A gnome seemed obvious, except that the gnome in the book was really a norse god. A dwarf? An angel? But really, would an angel have time to do a book review? I'd feel a bit guilty about that. Finally, I settled on my friend Dave, the mad scientist. So without further ado, take it away, Dave!

Ahem, I prefer to go by my new name: Dr. Paradox. It sounds more intimidating than Dave don't you think? Anyway, I read this book and I have to say at first I was hesitant. I mean the cover sports a cow carrying a garden gnome, not very sciency at all. But I must admit from the moment Schrodinger's cat was brought up, I was hooked!

Ah, the elusive Dr. X (maybe that's better than Pardox, what do you think?) who has unleashed evil on our world. Well, what can I say? He's my hero. He even has that whole Dr. Freeze thing going with the lost love. But I digress.

From the science behind Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease to the mention of Chaos theory without ever naming it, this book has it all. Sure there's lots of philosophy there and a life-changing journey, blah, blah, blah. But, the SCIENCE. And now I have a new goal - travel to parallel universes and bring back dark matter with which to destroy the world!!! Mwahahahaha!

Um, Dave.

Dr. Paradox!

Okay, Dr. Paradox. If you destroy the world won't that destroy you too?

Details! I will drown in the details of small minds! Ugh. Just go read the book. Everyone out there - go read this book, or I will destroy the world! Mwahahaha!

Thank you Dr. Paradox for that enlightening review. My own opinion? It's one of the best books I've ever read. I don't say that lightly. I'm kind of strange though, so take it with a grain of salt. And it isn't just because I hero-worship Libba Bray. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see what Dr. Paradox is doing in my kitchen with my son's chemistry set...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Madness - Another Amazing Author

Well, well, well, it's Monday again and time for Monday Madness. This week I've chosen to feature an amazing author:

Leah Cypess.

Leah's book, Mistwood has been hailed as “An unusual, suspenseful fantasy that is propelled by well-placed clues.” (ALA) and Kirkus said "a traditional premise is transformed into a graceful meditation on the ramifications of loyalty, duty and purpose… Astonishing and inspiring."

All of which got me thinking...

Hmm. Well, lets take a look at the evidence together, shall we?

1. Leah has always loved writing, but has also majored in Biology and gone to law school during which she spent at least part of her time drawing scenes of fantasy.

2. Her taste in movies ranges from The Last Unicorn to The Matrix.

3. Her taste in music "tends to change rapidly."

4. Leah enjoys writing about Shape Shifters!

See a theme here? I do! Leah embraces change.

She is obviously a SHAPE SHIFTER! So Leah - what's your favorite form?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with a Werewolf

Welcome! Today I have with me, Seth. Seth looks any normal sixteen year old boy, but let me tell you he's anything but. Every month at the full moon, he turns into a - well, lets ask him. What do you turn into Seth?

First of all, I can change anytime I want. It's just that its forced during the full moon. I can't really control myself and it can get a little hairy.


(rolls eyes) Yes. That too. Sizes vary, but since I hit my growth spurt at about thirteen, I've been turning into a six foot tall - on all fours - brown and white wolf.

Have you always been a werewolf?

No. I went camping with my dad when I was six and I got bit. Some advice - don't take small children into the woods, especially at the full moon.

I'm so sorry.

Naw. Don't worry about it. It's actually pretty cool now that I'm older. I mean girls are all into this whole Jacob thing, you know? I can totally milk it.

Which brings me to some questions from my readers. C. Lee wants to know which movie or book depicts your lycanthropic nature the very best?

You mean like Shiver? Uh, sorry, but I kind of don't really read that stuff. I mean most of those books are for girls. Plus, I really like graphic novels and comics. Even though most of us are depicted as monsters, like in Tracker, but then again, serial killers can look like you normals too. Movies though, I can handle. I sort of like New Moon, you know? Mostly cuz like I said, it attracts the ladies. But in real life? Naw. I'm cool with vampires.

I guess Heather's question won't work then. What's your favorite werewolf book?

Well, I saw Heather's picture and you can tell her I'll read her book when it comes out.

Settle down there, Seth. You're only sixteen.

Sorry. I guess I'd say I love reading the old Werewolf by Night comics by Marvel. You know, just for fun.

Catherine wants to know if you still have to fear silver bullets?

Dude, nobody uses silver bullets anymore. Too expensive. So, for the most part no. But would it hurt me? Yeah. I think a real bullet would probably hurt too though. And silver is poisonous to me. So I just tell people I'm allergic.

Ruth wants to know if you really burst out of your clothes when you transform and if what you do when you change back?

(Grins) Wanna see? Just kidding. I usually know ahead of time and I can get ready for the transformation. If I ruin clothes my mom gets pretty mad and I get grounded. Plus, like you say, when I change back - well, I have to be careful where I am.

Christi wants to know if you would legally change your name if it was a dead giveaway like "Remus Lupin?"

Ha! That's pretty funny, Christi. Naw. Seth isn't much of a giveaway. Plus I don't hide it all that much. Like I said, it helps with the ladies. I do have a friend whose a vampire and his parents have an awful sense of humor and named him Vlad. That kind of sucks. Get it? Vampire? Sucks?

Yeah. Thanks for joining me today, Seth.

Readers if you have any other questions for Seth, leave them in the comments below and he'll take a look.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What in the World is Heather McCorkle?

As my loyal followers know, Heather McCorkle won my little contest when she suggested I interview a werewolf! Now, I had to go and figure out what kind of supernatural creature she really is.

It wasn't easy.

She doesn't list too much personal info online! Fortunately, I'm not a bad detective. So, lets review what I did find out, shall we?

Heather LOVES fantasy. She writes all types - across genre, not just YA. She doesn't shun the dark stuff either. She also enjoys martial arts, snowboarding, hiking, swimming AND horseback riding. What else do I know about Heather? She's perseverant. Just take a look at her story on "How I Found My Agent." She's full of energy and very gregarious. I know this because I am a follower of hers on Twitter.

So - Loves lots of different physical activities, Perseverant, Friendly...

Heather really is a WEREWOLF! I didn't want to go the obvious route, but I think its pretty clear. Maybe I should have interviewed her. Heather, tell the truth! Do you get a little wild during the full moon?

Remember to tune in Thursday for the big interview!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salamanders, Kickle Snifters and Leprechauns Oh My

First I have to thank my blogger buddy Christi for bestowing this most awesome "Prolific Blogger Award"

I'd like to pass it along to the following peeps:
C. Lee McKenzie
Tahereh - yes I know I mention her a lot but she's awesome - I mean blogging for like 1 month and already 250+ followers???

NOW as to the contest from Monday:

Wow! What awesome and creative ideas you all have! It was really hard to pick. But, alas based on language barrier issues, people who might have already won (cough, Christi), and the ease of finding one to interview the winner was selected.

Next week I will be interviewing a WEREWOLF right here on this blog. So thank you to Heather for the suggestion and please tune in on Monday when you find out exactly what type of supernatural creature I think Heather really is.

SO, here's another chance for you guys - suggest some questions for me to pose to my friend the werewolf and if I use them I will credit you and link to your own blog. Plus it's just a lot of fun. Think of it as a good writing exercise. Stretch your imagination and maybe even learn a little something about these elusive creatures.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Madness and How To Get a Turn

Hey! Guess what? Before we begin I have to announce that I won third place in a very fun contest. So if you want to see my silly rhyming query letter, read this post. ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!!

So this week, I am honoring the winner (and I still can't believe she knew the answer) of my
Creative Writer Award post. And I have to tell you all that she is

1. A very cool writer.
2. A difficult one to figure out.

BUT this week's honor goes to Christi Goddard!!

Christi's bio claims she was found under a rock and still waiting for someone to claim her. She seems a bit dark and edgy (which from me is a compliment, FYI) and is clearly very talented. But the two clues that really give it away are the name of her cat (Snape) and the fact that she clearly used Legilimency to figure out which item of mine was the truth.

Christi is clearly a WITCH.

And of course I say this with the highest respect for witches. Especially ones that could potentially turn me into a toad. So Christi - my question for you is:

Did you ever use your powers to get a book published? Or are you doing this the hard way?

Now - one more contest for you all and the winner gets to be featured on a Monday blog and find out what supernatural creature you are! OR if you've already had the honor then you can decide who I'm picking on next.

It's very simple actually - just tell me what supernatural creature you think I should interview next on my blog. I've had an interview with a Mermaid and one with a Demon, so who is next? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Fairy Good Review

Today I have a very special guest, Annabelle the Fairy, who is going to give us her review of the book Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey. So without further ado, Annabelle take it away!

Thank you, Lisa. I have to tell you I found this book fascinating. The kind of Fairy Lore most often seen in U.S. literature is based on that of Europe - England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. Greek mythology is about as foreign as it usually gets. But this book was filled with New Zealand and Maori myth. I found it a refreshing break from all those boring Greek Gods and vampire books. Sorry - I know you love that stuff, but really, unless it's about fairies, what good is it? Everyone knows we're the most interesting creatures in the universe. So even though it wasn't about me exactly it still held my interest. Now, where's all the bling you promised me? Hey - don't write that part. Cut it out!

Ahem. Thank you, Annabelle. I have to agree about the fascinating look at Maori culture. A subject I knew little to nothing about. I also appreciated the interest in theater in the book, a personal pastime of mine. If you want to read an interview with the author, see this link to The Enchanted Inkpot. My favorite character? Mark. Definitely Mark. Gotta love those mysterious, hot guys. Have you read it? What did you think?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Madness - Guess Who?

Keep reading to find out about this pic!
There are two major things we need to discuss today. One is to announce this weeks victim! Thanks to Delaney Collins for volunteering, I have no problem with the fact you are a fictional character, it's just that since we already know you are a Fairy Godmother - where would the suspense be? So, instead I pick Kathy McCullough your creator. Kathy is an awesome person (Yes I can totally tell). She does so many great things for others and the environment, if you don't believe me, just check out her bio.

But there's also a mischevous spark in her. Example? Two of her favorite broadway musicals are Sweeny Todd and Little Shop of Horrors (one of my own faves btw).

So, I have to say Kathy is a Pixie! She's a little too good for her own good and loves nature. She's friendly and outgoing. BUT she's got that spark of you know what. No wonder she was able to get into Delaney's head so easily - they're practically cousins! So Kathy - got any extra pixie dust to send my way for good luck?

NOW - to the second item on our list!!! You're all wondering what was the truth in my last post! Well, I loved all the great guesses I received, but there is a clear winner. Christi Goddard!! You won!! HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GUESS THAT?? So, tune in next Monday when I figure out what Christi's true nature is...

In the meantime - allow me to explain:

1. I don't hunt vampires. They've done nothing to me.
2. My husband is a rocket scientist - not a shapeshifter - sorry Julie!
3. YUP. This is all about the picture above. Here I am as Metcalf. The evil assistant to the mad scientist from Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios, circa ohhhh lets not date myself, okay? I was an actress in my former life and I have to say as short as it was, this was the most fun I've ever had in any part.
4. Never seen one, but it doesn't mean they don't exist!
5. My MC is not a werewolf :( She and her family are Guardians, members of the secret society that serves as police to the supernatural community. There are werewolves and many other creatures in the book, however.
6. Arnold. Dear Arnold. He's not MY monster. He's the monster in my short story scheduled to come out in Bumples magazine in November entitled "Never Feed a Monster." and he lives under the bed of a ten year old boy.
7. I'm surprised how many vampire brothers are out there. Mine is a bit pale as well, but since he keeps kosher, I doubt blood is on the menu.

Phew. There it is. Alright! See you all Thursday and don't forget to comment!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm an Award Winning Author!!

Well, I got this cool Creative Writer Award from my friend
Tahereh the other day (thanks Tahereh!) So, based on my usual rantings lets see if you can guess what is the truth and what is a lie...

BUT before I do - I nominate the following seven writers for this Creative Writer Award!!! You should check out their blogs too!

Okay so here it is, and bearing in mind this is a fictional blog and today is April 1st your job is to find the one truth: I'll tell you what, to make it extra interesting the prize for the first one to get it right is a profile on my Monday Feature. If I've already done you, you can nominate someone instead. :)

1. I've gone vampire hunting with Van Helsing.

2. I am married to a shapeshifter.

3. I served a short stint as an assistant to a mad scientist.

4. I've seen a ghost.

5. My MC in my manuscript Guardian (thank you very much Guardian of the Dead now I probably have to change the title) is a werewolf.

6. The monster under my bed is named Arnold.

7. My brother is a vampire.

BEWARE!! All may not be as it seems! Mwahahaha!!! I'll post the answer and the winner on my Monday Madness blog, so be sure and check back in. Hope this was as fun for you as it was for me!!