Thursday, October 14, 2010

Werewolf ABCs

My Vampire ABC's were so popular, I thought I'd go ahead and write the sequel for you all.

Werewolf ABCs

A is for Abs, again it's a must.
B is for Buns, cuz it's all about lust.
C is for Cats, which he likes to chase.
D is for Dangerous, your heart starts to race.
E is for Ending, inevitable and true.
F is for Flesh, only yours will do.
G is for Glare, when you both have a fight.
H is for Howl, at the moon every night.
I is for impressive, there's really no doubt.
(Except when he licks himself but we'll leave that out).
J is for Jumping, you wish it were you.
K is for Kiss, because that will do.
L is for Lust, can't stress that enough.
M is for Muscles, even non-wolf he's tough.
N is for Now, cuz you just can't hold back.
O is for Ouch, he thinks you're a snack.
P is for Power, which attracts you - admit it.
Q is for Quiet, hope you don't need it.
R is for Rough, I don't need to explain,
S is for Slobber, you wish he'd refrain.
T is for Tush, yeah I know, already said buns.
(But come on you know it's all part of the fun).
U is for Useless, he doesn't do much.
V is for vampire, now you long for HIS touch.
W is for WEREWOLF, what else? That's just him.
X is for Xenos, this one's for you Tim.
Y is for Yummy, what you are both thinking.
Z is for Zombie, but only after you're drinking.


  1. LOL at the (Except when he licks himself but we'll leave that out).

  2. Christi - thanks. I have my moments.

    Amie - So glad! :D

  3. Halloween has brought the best out in you, Lisa. Thanks for starting my day with the ABCs again.

  4. LOL! This is beyond awesome! Have I told you how much you rock lately?!

  5. Lee - I do love the festive atmosphere Halloween provides. I guess since it's always been my favorite holiday (and not because of the candy) I should have had a clue how I might end up!

    Heather - You can tell me that anytime you want.

  6. I love, love, LOVE this!

  7. I smell a picture book - maybe with a furry cover.

  8. Leslie - Oooh smell. Scatch and sniff? But wet dog won't be a good selling point..

  9. Came to you by way of Heather's blog... and I'm some glad I stopped by! That was hilarious! Especially the line about him licking himself... bwahahaha! :)

  10. Oh my gosh you have a serious talent for this thing. Except when he licks himself... grinning and shaking my head.

    Thank you for the entertainment!

  11. DL - Oh I'm so glad you stopped by too!! Thank you. :D

    Margo - He he he. Thanks for saying I'm talented.

  12. Buns and tush, can't go wrong there! LOVE this!

  13. Julie, yeah, kids need to learn young.

  14. That was great! I had no idea a werewolf and the ABCs could be combined to such entertaining lengths!

  15. Thanks, Lydia! Yeah, you'd be surprised the combinations my brain can come up with if left to stew. Frightening stuff.