Monday, December 23, 2013

Twelve Days of Writing

(I'll skip to the last refrain as that's the most entertaining). 

On the twelfth day of Writing my true muse gave to me:
Twelve revisions finished,
Eleven read through passes,
ten queries pending,
nine craft books open,
eight passive verbs cut,
seven critique partners,
six books to read now,
five chocolate truffles,
four full requests,
three new rejections, 
two blogposts pending,
and a new idea in my head.

Have a merry holiday for those who celebrate!! Isn't that partridge cute? 


  1. Awesome! Love the chocolate truffles especially! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! :)

  2. Love the passive verb cut! Great take on the traditional song. In fact, I like your version better. But shouldn't that partridge be in a pear tree?

    Have a super Christmas. Keep writing. Keep having fun. Hugs and Happy New Year.

  3. Loved this. Happy holidays.

  4. So cute! The melody was in my head while I read it :)

  5. I'm skipping straight to the truffles.