Monday, December 2, 2013

We're All Winners!

Thank you all for indulging me last week while I thanked just a few of the very special peeps in my life. And thank you for suggesting so many worthy people. Here is a list of those we are honoring and who mentioned them! 

  1. Morgan Shamy (nominated by Johanna Garth and Julie Musil)
  2. Jaybird (nominated by Johanna Garth)
  3. Tanya Reimer (nominated by Vicki Tremper)
  4. Michele Shaw (nominated by Julie Musil)
  5. Barbara Watson (nominated by Akossiwa)
  6. Jan Lewis (nominated by Martina Boone)
  7. Natalie Aguirre (nominated by C. Lee McKenzie)
If your name is listed next to a number above you win your choice of 
  1. A five page critique via yours truly
  2. A Kindle copy of THE BINDING STONE
  3. An ecopy of THE EMOTION THESAURUS (or positive or negative trait thesaurus) by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi
  4. A $5 Amazon gift card

Please just email me at lisagailgreen at gmail dot com to let me know your preference and give me your email so I can reward you. 

Thank you all for bringing joy to others! 


  1. I know all of those mentioned! All are deserving. Such a wonderful idea. You know how to pass the good cheer around, Lisa.

  2. These folks are all deserving, and what a wonderful way to say thank you! And you are so sweet offering up the ET as a potential prize! :) Way to pay it forward! :)


  3. Oh, sweet Akoss. What a dear friend you are.

    Lisa, thank you for your generous prize also. I'm contemplating my choice and will email you soon. :-)

  4. I'm honored to be on the list. And congrats to everyone else. I know just about everyone and they're awesome.

  5. Thank you, Julie and Lisa! What a wonderful surprise. This week has been full of them!