Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salamanders, Kickle Snifters and Leprechauns Oh My

First I have to thank my blogger buddy Christi for bestowing this most awesome "Prolific Blogger Award"

I'd like to pass it along to the following peeps:
C. Lee McKenzie
Tahereh - yes I know I mention her a lot but she's awesome - I mean blogging for like 1 month and already 250+ followers???

NOW as to the contest from Monday:

Wow! What awesome and creative ideas you all have! It was really hard to pick. But, alas based on language barrier issues, people who might have already won (cough, Christi), and the ease of finding one to interview the winner was selected.

Next week I will be interviewing a WEREWOLF right here on this blog. So thank you to Heather for the suggestion and please tune in on Monday when you find out exactly what type of supernatural creature I think Heather really is.

SO, here's another chance for you guys - suggest some questions for me to pose to my friend the werewolf and if I use them I will credit you and link to your own blog. Plus it's just a lot of fun. Think of it as a good writing exercise. Stretch your imagination and maybe even learn a little something about these elusive creatures.


  1. Jumping up and down out here in CA!

    The question I'd ask any self-respecting werewolf is this, "Which book or movie do you think depicts your lycanthropic nature the very best?

    Prolifically yours, C. Lee

  2. Yay for werewolves! I love C. Lee's question, wow how does one top that? Okay, how about, what is your favorite werewolf book? There's a tough one! I'm all excited to see if you can figure out what kind of supernatural creature I am... Can't wait for Monday!

  3. Wow - you guys have awesome questions! I better make sure not to interview on the full moon in case the werewolf gets frustrated and decides to bite me!

  4. Lisa, thanks for the blogger award! What an honor and surprise--love it.
    I want to know if a werewolf of today has to fear the silver bullet or is it an old fashioned myth?

  5. ooh, I like that one Catherine! Glad you like the surprise too!

  6. Thanks Jemi! Hope you check back in for the interview!

  7. Well, there's the obvious: "Do you really burst out of your clothes when you transform?" And, if so ... "What do you do when you change back?"
    Fun post, Lisa!

  8. Hi Ruth! I don't know how obvious it is, but it's worth an ask...

  9. I'd like to know if their manbits are larger or smaller when they're beastly. Also, are they sexually attracted to things like beagles and huskies. Oh, and another thing, would they legally change their name if it were 'Remus Lupin' to avoid it being a dead-giveaway of their true nature?

  10. Christi - all good questions, I don't know about the manbits thing though and whether they are attracted to huskies. I mean if he's going to be here in person, well I don't want to get on his bad side.