Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Madness - Bekah

Today I'm featuring a sweet writer with a great blog - Bekah! I asked Bekah to share some things about herself so that we might figure out what kind of paranormal creature she really is, and here is what she said:

A few things about me...
Let's go with the boring first. I am married, have a Great Dane, Moose, and a runt named Butters. I ride dirtbikes in the desert, well, sometimes, but I am slow. I watercolor, which I am thinking of putting on my blog as another one of "what you don't know about me" things. I am also going back to college to get my English degree. I was an ultrasonographer, BUT I dislocated my shoulder and whammy, had to have a wicked surgery.
One of my novels is women's fiction set in the 1950s- no sci fi, no fantasy. My MG book is a touch of Sci Fi and fantasy, which is the novel that was on Adventures in Chilren's Pub. My next MG, which I am doing for Nano, will probably be along same lines of light touches of both.
Weird factoids: I like humor. I like funny movies. My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, because I always wanted to look like Vivein Leigh. I don't take myself too seriously. I am pretty forgetful; ask my hubby- I left my groceries in the car for a couple hours. It's my migraine meds, which give me the most vivid, bizar-o dreams. I LOVE most sugary things, especially chocolate and ice cream. I HATE coffee, but sometimes I will drink a frap.

Personally, I don't think any of that is boring. Now, I started thinking... Bekah dislocated her shoulder that bad doing an ultrasound? I don't know much about ultrasonography, but I'm thinking it really happened while she was wielding a sword and fighting monsters to defend mankind. She admits she's forgetful, what if she's really turning into a super-kick-butt-heroine and doesn't remember those periods of time? Perhaps that's where those "bizar-o dreams" are coming from. They actually happened!

I think we have our answer, folks. Bekah really has an alter-ego, a SUPERHERO that comes out when she doesn't know it! Wow! Well, considering that, getting a book published should be no big deal, right?


  1. This is a great intro to Bekah. I loved it!! Her MG book sounds wonderful. Wonder what her next one will be???

    Nice job!

  2. Okay, I love the real reason (or at least Lisa's version of it) as to how Bekah dislocated her shoulder. You go you super-butt-kicking girl!

  3. Salarsen - And I just met Bekah in person at Writer's Day this Saturday! She lives up to all the hype.

    Stina - I'm seriously betting on it!

  4. aww thanks!!! I'm telling my husband I'm a super hero so I can't do the dishes anymore. I will just use my mind control to get that book published LOL...Now I just need a fabulous name and costume. It was soo wonderful meeting you and everyone else and I hope we get a chance to meet up sometime soon

  5. Bekah - Hope I didn't get you in trouble by outing your secret identity. It would be fun to get together. :D

  6. Oh yes, she looks like a superhero. Am I the only one that can see her in an xman suit? I like the list. Let's go with boring first. 1) married 2) my dog . . . Dude! Dog trumps husband! I love that. Thanks for making me smile.

  7. I had the pleasure of meeting Bekah this weekend at SCBWI Writer's Day. Chocolate was the dead give away for me that she is definitely a superhero in my book.

  8. Love this one, Lisa! Bekah could easily be a butt-kicking super hero. Now I want to see her riding her dirt bike with the cape flowing from the back. Nice!

  9. Leslie - Mmm. Chocolate..

    Julie - IDK, Remember the Incredibles? Capes can be hazardous.