Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Have a Winner!! And a Little Poem

We have a winner!!! But the rest of you should not despair. I have yet another amazing contest coming up next week. So please stay tuned.

In the meantime - Congratulations to APRIL!!! You won a copy of PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White.

Now, this week happens to be a little busy for me, but you are all so very important to me that I had to do something for you. So here is the very first poem that I ever put up on the Undead Poet's Society, the one that made me a charter member. A little flashback full of Zombie love.

The Zombie's Point of View
Lisa Gail Green

It’s all I can think about,
all I can see,
wherever I look,
they’re calling to me.

Oh yes, they are hiding,
inside of their shell,
and I know what you’re thinking -
I’m going to Hell.

But really how can I?
I’m already dead.
And it’s not like there’s much
left inside of my head.

Just a ravenous hunger for
what’s inside yours.
Oh, I used to like muffins and
tacos and s’mores.

But now that I’m dead,
those things will not do,
I have to have slimy,
and squishy brain stew.

Scratch that – don’t cook it,
it’ll lose all its flavor,
the meaty thick texture
that I love to savor.

It’s not like I asked
to become walking-dead.
But now that I am,
it needs to be said.

I may not be fast,
but I’m very persistent.
So sit back and relax,
it just hurts for an instant.


  1. Lisa, this was a great contest. Congrats to April. I'm about halfway through Paranormalcy now and it's fantastic and fun :)


  2. That's...creepy.
    But also entertaining. :)

  3. I remember this one! So glad you posted it to your blog. And congratulations to April!

  4. That is awesome! Creepy, but awesome! I laughed so hard! Thank you. I needed that.

  5. Thanks so much all of you! I appreciate your sticking with me and the blog. I'll hopefully be back to commenting on everybody else's blogs next week!