Monday, September 6, 2010

Vlog #3 in Which I Get Into Character For You

Don't forget to enter my contest to win a copy of PARANORMALCY and read my interview with Evie (the main character). You have until Wednesday after all.

Okay here it is, installment number three. You get to hear me read from two different books. Be sure to do your homework because Monday is the final installment. Sorry if it's choppy, I'm not a film editor and I do tend to babble sometimes, and didn't want you to have to suffer. :D


  1. Now that I'm caught up I'm ready for the next vlog! How fun!!! I love your voice, you read great stories!!!

    Heading over to try and snag paranormalcy which I'd LOVE to WIN!

  2. Jen - so glad you liked it! Good luck on the contest.

  3. Love the idea of writing a scene that isn't necessarily going to be in the book just to get the voice.

    I have quite an extensive questionnaire/interview process, but I've never asked my character's what their favorite memory is. I'm starting a new book soon. Can't wait to ask them this. :D

  4. Yes, that was a lot of fun! Loved your reading. :)

    I have a sister, and SHE likes to see movies which are psychological thrillers.

  5. Stina - thanks, it was particularly helpful to me when working on my current WIP.

    Marisa - Thanks to you too! Ha! Sounds better than LOVE stories. :D