Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Madness - Guess Who It Is This Time?

I've decided to pick on - uh, I mean select, the wonderful C. Lee McKenzie! And for once I had no trouble deciding which supernatural creature C. Lee really is.

According to her bio, C. Lee was born and raised in California, though moved around in state quite a bit. Then she moved out farther. Like out of the continent farther, eventually to return here, to good ole California. She quotes Dorothy and says, "There's no place like home." She says the people in her home town in Northern California really "get" her. She also loves hiking and food, among other things.

So, going on an epic adventure all around the world and ultimately ending up at home where you belong? Eating second breakfasts? Hiking? Lets see those feet, C. Lee!

It's just so obvious, isn't it? She's a HOBBIT!!

She also loves to read about them. Well, it's probably because she knows them so well, isn't it C. Lee?

Well, she's the prettiest hobbit I've ever seen anyway (sorry Frodo).


  1. Be careful what you say is fun! He he he..

  2. A hobbit, huh? I loved the pretty poppies on her page. Wow.

  3. Hey, you! Stop that . . . I said stop that. Are you listening? Good. Stop that later, okay?

    Thanks for the Monday Madness about ole C. Lee and thanks for the encouragement about my ghostly pursuits--right up your alley, I'm sure.

    I think you deserve some kind of award for blogginess. I'll need to figure out the most appropriate one. Back to you later.

  4. p.s.

    Those are fuzzy slippers on my feet. Really. No lie.

  5. Cozy. :) bloginess award, eh? Hmm. Should I be scared?

  6. Ah yes, the wanderlust then compulsion to return home would indicate a hobbit. Excellent deduction! Now I'm off to her blog to learn more about hobbits~I mean her!