Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Secret of Spruce Knoll: An Interview With Luke

Heather McCorkle was one of the first people I connected with when I started this blog. She's an awesome person, a supportive friend, and a talented writer. Her first book, The Secret of Spruce Knoll just released and I've already gobbled it up (yum). So today I have a treat for you! Heather has agreed to allow one of her characters, Luke, to come and visit. She's included the pic below, saying this actor would be the perfect Luke. Enjoy!

1. Luke, in your own words can you tell us what the Secret of Spruce Knoll is about?
Me of course, and my attempts to help keep the existence of our kind a secret. Well, that and this completely frustrating mixed blood girl who drops in out of nowhere and turns our world upside down. 

2. If you had to describe yourself for our readers, what three words would you use?
Powerful, charismatic, hot. But really, I don't have to tell you that. Just look at all this...

3. I hear you are proud of your lineage. Can you explain a little about that? I'd love to Lisa. Do you mind if I call you Lisa? It's such a pretty name, I like saying it, the way it slides off my tongue. My family are Hunters, people who protect our kind from others and from exposure. We descended from the very line of Hunters who helped Vlad Tepes protect Wallachia from invaders. 

4. Um, let’s stick to Mrs. Green. *clears throat* What's your family like?
My family is unmatched in both political and fighting prowess. We're ruthless when it comes to protecting our kind and aren't afraid to do what it takes.

5. If you could send a message to Heather regarding the sequel, what would it be?
You'd better drop in more chapters about me and less about Aiden in book 2. You know it's all about me anyway. And let's get to the good stuff between Eren and I already, you know it's unavoidable. 

Intrigued? Then clicky-clicky on the link above to buy a copy for your very own. I hear Heather's already hard at work on the sequel. And *checks to be sure Luke is gone* Aidan is seriously hot! Also I'm doing a guest post today over at the new blog Reel YA, so please stop in and let me know what you think of my wacky vampire idea!


  1. To me, this kind of post encapsulates your blog! Interviewing book characters! Love it!

  2. I am a little bit extremely scared of Luke already.
    I'm glad I live on the other side of the planet where I can enjoy reading about him in safety!

  3. LOL Mrs. Green! And Luke is just too great. I need to (obviously) pick up Knoll! Thanks to Heather for sharing!

  4. Mrs. Green, you are hilarious!
    Sounds deliciously tempting.

  5. What a great and fun post! Doing these interviews really gets my interest for the book! Thank you Lisa and Heather, and Luke, of course! :-)

  6. Ha...hmm...interesting interview but I'm still Team Aiden! :) LOL.

  7. Laura, it's one of my favorite parts about Lisa's blog!

    Ebony, you and me both sweety!

    Susan, thank you!

    Kristen, 'deliciously tempting' I love that! Thank you so much!

    SP, that's excellent! You're very welcome. :)

    Karen, totally!

  8. Helloooooo Luke! You're dreamy. Oh, and Lisa and Heather are pretty cool too :D

  9. I'm excited to meet Luke now. I just finished Kasey's RED HOT FURY novel, and today I'm starting THE SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL. Is it 5 o'clock yet? Commute home is my reading time. :D

  10. Intriguing interview, Lisa. Made my skin crawl.

  11. Julie, you probably won't think that after you read the novel. ;) He's a prime example of not judging a 'book' by its cover!

    Tina, yay! I can hardly wait to hear what you think.

    Angelina, Luke is good at that. ;)

  12. sounds like another great book to add to my ever growing reading list! I so love the actor who played Prince Caspian.Always forget his name though..

  13. Luke sounds like a great antagonist! :)

    Love the interview.

  14. Three cheers for Heather--I just love her cover! :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  15. LOL!!! LOve it. That is soooo him! <_< Next, Fane! Fane! Fane! :D Can you tell that I totally adore Fane? :D

  16. I love Heather's cover, so it's a given that I'll be reading the book soon. :D

  17. Hello, Luke. Add another entry to the cougar list. THE SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL sounds delish. Congrats, Heather.

  18. Luke, you're creepy, handsome, and something else. Dangerous combination. Great post, you guys!

  19. What a fun interview. I loved it! And yeah, Luke is an uber hottie!! :D

  20. Great interview, Mrs. Green.

    I added the book to my wish list.

    Have a great weekend.