Monday, September 5, 2011

Did You Miss One?

I know! Not the clearest title in the world. But here's the deal: I receive many blog awards, and though I appreciate each one (no lie), I don't often participate anymore because it's usually just info about me, which I worry will bore you to death. And I can't have any deaths on my hands unless they are fictional characters. Ahem. But THIS TIME I thought it was a cool subject and might give a little focus to some posts that you may have missed and would be interested in revisiting. 

K.C. Wolf graciously passed me the 7X7 link award. Here's how it works:

Hightlight my older posts in the following categories:

  • Most Beautiful
  • Most Helpful
  • Most Popular
  • Most Controversial
  • Most Surprisingly Successful
  • Most Underrated
  • Most Prideworthy
So here goes:
  1. Most Beautiful: That's tough. But I'll go with DON'T LOSE THE MAGIC. I love the pic and the message.
  2. Most Helpful: Oooh boy. Based on feedback and visits, I'd have to say FILTERING THROUGH CHARACTER was the most unique craft post I've ever done.
  3. Most Popular: My most popular post of all time was my first guest post from Lisa Desrochers! My post on BLOGGING ETIQUETTE comes in at a close second.
  4. Most Controversial: It's funny. When I think posts will be controversial, they end up NOT. Probably because we all think so much alike. But if I had to guess, I suppose it would be YA SAVES!
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful: I guess it's not THAT surprising that craft posts tend to do well. But I'd still say WHEN YOUR CHARACTER DOESN'T ACT LIKE HERSELF.   
  6. Most Underrated: THE ELUSIVE VOICE but probably because I've had quite a few followers since then...
  7. Most Prideworthy: This one is actually easy. AVOID THE POISON APPLE. Why? Because I firmly believe in encouragement and the power of words.
Okay - now to pass this on to 7 other bloggers? That's ALWAYS hard to do because I love you all! So why don't I just cheat (he he he) and say, if you want to do this on your own blog - GO FOR IT!! I'm passing the award to YOU.


  1. I'm like you, Lisa. I've been skipping on the awards. It's not that I don't appreciate them, but at one point that's all I seemed to be doing. So I stopped doing them.

    I'm going to reread your first guest post now that I've read both of Lisa's books. I think I remember it. It was the interview with Luc. *rushes off to see how good her memory is*

  2. This is really a good idea. It's always great to highlight helpful posts! I'm with you and Stina. I don't focus on blog awards anymore. Although I think they are fun, I really don't want to bore my readers with useless info about me. lol

  3. Lisa, I remember each of these posts and they were all amazing. I'll bet it was fun to look back and see which ones resonated the most with your readers.

  4. Stina and Salarsen - Yeah, it's hard because I want to acknowledge those that pass me awards so they don't think I'm snubbing them! But I also don't want my posts to be about what I had for dinner last night. *sigh*

    Julie - It was kind of fun! And interesting.

  5. Congrats on your award! They are hard to keep up with at times aren't they? We do love an appreciate them so much though!

  6. Does a tiara come with the award? You'd look fab in head jewels. You are definitely award-worthy, my friend.

  7. Very good posts... I found them very enjoyable.

  8. I must not have been following you long enough because I don't remember ALL of these posts (but they are some good ones!). And I'm with you on the awards - I love, love the thought, but not so much rambling about myself! :)

  9. Heather - Thanks

    Leslie - Pretty sparkles...

    Jeff - Thanks, I'm glad you liked them.

    Susan - CLEARLY. LOL! Thanks for the compliment.

  10. I love your Avoid the Poison Apple post :) Thanks for mentioning all of these~ it's great for me, because I think I missed a couple of them~ now I can go back and enjoy!

  11. Thanks for this list. I liked your underrated one, so I agree with you that it deserved time in the spotlight. :)

  12. Tara - Thanks!

    Jess - I'm glad you liked that one too! And that you want to check out some others.

    Jami - Thanks for that. :D Plus it's bigfoot! Right?

  13. I also don't do the awards--I feel bad because I was a newb when I started getting them and didn't think to save I figure if I start now then I'd be dissing all the folks who gave em to me at the beginning. Instead I just say thanks, because I really do appreciate each and every one. :)

    You're blog is a treasure trove of goodness!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  14. I loved reading your posts. A few of them I'd seen before (still valid and interesting!) and I've discovered a few new ones (like the poison apple & the elusive voice). Thanks! :-)

  15. What a great idea! :) I'm off to check out those older posts.

  16. Angela - You make me blush

    K.C. - Glad you liked!

    CherylAnne - :D Thanks.

  17. I don't participate in the awards anymore, either. I am alway grateful for them, and try to acknowledge them, but I really am pretty boring, so I usually skip the fun and games. But checking out old posts? That's fun I love the way you handled this.

  18. What a cool award! I usually don't do them anymore either, but this one has a great concept behind this. Thanks for sharing these old links, I'll have to go check them out!

  19. That's a fun one! Congrats :) I have to admit I've gotten bad at passing along awards too. *sigh* There's always so much to do! :)

  20. I don't know anything about blog awards. So this was an interesting post. Thanks.