Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Interview with Ondine (via my special guest Ebony McKenna)

I recently had the pleasure of reading both Ondine the Summer of Shambles, and Ondine the Autumn Palace by Ebony McKenna. Ebony is an amazingly talented author from Down Under with a wicked sense of humor (just my kind). Today she has very graciously allowed her characters - Ondine, Hamish (who is also Shambles the Scottish ferret), and Old Col, uh, I mean the esteemed witch Colette Romano - to stop in for a visit.

Lisa: Welcome to the blog, Ondine. Why don't we start by having you tell the readers a little about yourself, and introduce your friends?

Ondine: *grins* Um, well, I’m from Brugel. That’s in Eastern Europe. I like cooking, my favorite subjects are history and science and my second favorite singer is Anna Lesko And um, this is Hamish. He used to be a ferret, but he got better.

Hamish: Hellooo *waves*

Ondine: Oh, you’ve made me blush now. I’m very new to this ‘being interviewed’ business.

Colette Romano: Is this going to take long? We have work to do.

Ondine: She acts like our manager now. Col’s my great aunt and she’s all right, most of the time. Um, where was I? Oh yes, Hamish helped save the Duke’s life. Twice now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a medal for bravery or something.

Lisa: I've heard rumors that you're psychic. Would you read my palm for me? What does it say?

Ondine: Oh no, please, let’s not do this. Who told you I was psychic? I bet my Mum did. Jupiter’s moons she’s driving me crazy. Sure I went to psychic summercamp but it didn’t do me a lick of good.

Hamish: I’ll read yer palm if ye want me to? Och hen, yer a writer! I can tell that just by looking at ye. So creative! Ye’ve got a wonderful career ahead of ye. Everyone hanging on to every word ye say.

Ondine: *collapses in giggles* *recovers* Sorry about that. *wipes eyes* Reading palms makes me feel silly. I just say the first thing that pops into my head and people keep saying, ‘that’s so true, how did you know?’ It’s weird, you know? You’ve got a spot of dermatitis there. Put some honey on it.

Lisa: *pulls hand away*

Ondine: I don’t feel the slightest bit psychic or magical or anything.

Hamish: Aye but yer magic to me.

Ondine: *collapses into more giggles*

Lisa: What's it like spending time in a palace?

Ondine & Hamish together: The food is terrible!

Ondine: I thought it would be more glamorous.

Hamish: Aye, me too. I thought working for the duke would be an exciting adventure, but they’re all mad as cut snakes.

Ondine: It was weird. And I can’t believe how hard I worked. I used to think working at my family’s pub was slave labor but the palace took it to a whole new level. The gardens were pretty, though. I had some nice times there.

Hamish: Aye, I’ll never forget meeting ye under the myrtle trees as the leaves were falling.

Lisa: You two are very cute together. Ondine, what's your favorite thing about Hamish? What about when he's Shambles?

Ondine: Uuuuuuuummmm. *blushes furiously* Hamish is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Hamish: Aww lass, I love ye right back.

Ondine: And he’s brave and clever and he makes me laugh.

Hamish: Och, go on. No, seriously. I love hearing ye talk about me.

Ondine: And when he’s Shambles? Not so much fun. But sometimes he has to be a ferret, so when it happens I just count down the hours until he’s back again.

Lisa: What do you think of Ebony writing books about your life?

Ondine: I’m horrified and embarrassed and angry. She took my life and made it public to the whole world! There are people from Thailand to Tanzania reading about me, about us. Aunt Col said I shouldn’t read what they say in the papers –

Hamish: – aye, but they keep writing such nice things.

Ondine: Yes but, they’ve taken my life and made fun of me.

Hamish: Dinna fuss yerself, they’re laughing with us, not as us.

Ondine: I guess so. And, the books make you into a hero.

Hamish: You told me you didn’t read the books.

Ondine: Just the reviews, because they’ve all been so nice. And a few chapters of each. OK, so I read book one, but seriously, you have nothing to worry about. And for that at least, she’s done a good job because now the world knows how amazing you are.

Hamish: Naw, you’re the amazing one.

Ondine: Oh stop it.

Lisa: Ahem. What's your next adventure?

Ondine: My sister’s getting married soon, and then it’s my birthday, and I hope after that to take it easy. I’m looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest. Go Slovakia!

Brugel’s not even in it this year. Such a shame.

Oh, and CovenCon’s coming up. That’s the annual gathering of witches and warlocks and magicians of all kind. It’s in my home town of Venzelemma, which will be exciting. Aunt Col wants Hamish and I there.

Hamish: Knowing yer auntie, she’ll put us to work.

Colette Romano: Speaking of work, are we done here? They’re needed back at the pub. The dishes won’t clean themselves you know!

Ondine: It was lovely to meet you Lisa. Oh, and watch out for werewolves.

Lisa: They’ll bite me?

Ondine: No, but they’ll give you a rash.

Well there you have it! Thank you Ondine, Hamish, Colette, and most of all Ebony for arranging this. And for a fun, original story with a lot of heart. I am waiting for the next installment of Ondine's story with baited breath. And locking the door tonight so no werewolves can get in, I've been feeling a bit itchy lately...


  1. Laura - Ebony's great! I think you would really enjoy her books.

  2. Oh that was fun! The books look really great too.

  3. I knew the two of you would hit if off splendidly. Excellent interview from an excellent lady. Watch out for that rash Lisa. ;)

  4. LOL, this was great! :D

  5. He he glad we could entertain. And YES - I TOLD YOU GUYS I WAS ALLERGIC TO WEREWOLVES, but did anyone believe me???

  6. This was hilarious! If the honey doesn't work, you can try some Windex. :D

  7. Good morning from Down Under,
    I had too much fun with this.
    I'm making up for all the years when I had to behave myself.

  8. Julie - Windex cures all

    Ebony - Yay!!!! Thank you! You certainly do not have to behave yourself here. ;)

  9. I love these interviews of characters. Too funny!

    (eek I have no clue why my post for tomorrow keeps going up. I had to put it in draft mode because it keeps 'publishing' despite the date I set it for!!!)

  10. Stina - Ooops! Sorry!! I saw the tweet and thought you just wanted it up early. *blushes* But it was great. That scares me too since I schedule sometimes many weeks ahead of time! Yikes.
    Glad you liked the interview!!

  11. By the way, this was the first time I've done an 'in character' interview and it was way too much fun.
    I'm starting to wonder if it might be a sign I'm going crazy. In which case, bring it on!!!!

  12. Ebony - it's the only kind I host. ;D So glad you had fun with it!! It came out wonderfully. (adverb alert)

  13. This post made my night. I want a Hamish. Are they available on e-bay?

  14. Um, probably not, but you'll have to check with Ebony!

  15. Yay another interview! You always do such a great job with these. Love the psychic summercamp comment and that Hamish is apparently a ferret sometimes, at other times, if I read it right, a scottish hottie love interest :)

  16. *cough* Margo, Hamish is definitely a hottie :-)

    He's a real man, living in reduced circumstances. He offended a witch and she cursed him a good one.

    Leslie, so glad you had fun reading the interview. I'll do my best to clone Hamish. Meanwhile, you could try this: (hope it works)
    it's a whole stack of pics of Ewan McGregor. Totally safe for work, but you won't get any work done :-)

  17. "What's it like living in a palace?"
    "I thought it would be more glamorous."

    Love it! Thanks for the laugh!

  18. Ebony - you're awesome. Just sayin'

    Margo - Oh yeah, he's a hottie. I know I'm echoing Ebony, but..

    Amie - I'm telling you the woman's FUNNY!