Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vigilante Hero

In today's issue of The Missing Link (the Super version of a newspaper) there is an article about a host of strange events now believed to be connnected to one mysterious Super. Unfortunately, Link hasn't yet converted to the web so I can't post a link, but I will post a section of the article since I found it so interesting.

Over the past three weeks a series of bizarre events have unfolded along the West Coast. Beginning with a fire mysteriously quenched near the Angeles National Forest.
"It could have been a big one," one local firefighter stated. "But by the time we got there it was already out. Just a circle of smoldering ash - not even big enough to put in the news I thought."
Then other incidents, where the police, firefighters or medics would appear on the scene only to find the issue had been resolved.

"Miss Kitty was stuck on the roof," says eight-year-old Xandra Martin of Santa Barbara. "She was so scared and then this big shadow passed over her and the next thing I knew she was safe on the ground in front of me."

"I thought I was seeing things. I mean it was just a glimpse and my eyes were probably playing tricks on me but I could have sworn I saw dark fur and a tail of some huge animal, only on two feet, disappear down the alley as I approached," said one policeman wishing to remain anonymous. "But when I got there, the perps were all lying unconscious on the ground, the stolen goods lined neatly against the wall. And let me tell you those guys ain't talkin'."

Who or what is performing these feats of daring bravery? Which Super got bored enough to help out a few humans? Or is it really a streak of incidents, perpetrated by several different beings? No one knows for sure. But be certain that I will continue to watch as details develop and keep you all posted...


  1. Just found your blog. What fun! I love that you interviewed a mermaid!


  2. Thanks! It was fun to do. Hope you continue to stop by!