Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flying High

Well, I know that I am blogging later in the day than is normal so I apologize. But the fact is I'm sitting in an airport at the moment waiting to board my third and hopefully final plane for the day. As I sit here and look around I see several Supers mixed in with the crowd and I wonder at exactly how blind the majority of the population is.

Is it that anything that strange and different is too frightening for some people to accept? Or is it just that now that I know about these things, it is that much easier to spot? I'm not sure I'll ever have a satisfactory answer to this question.

Let me give an example: About two rows of seats over there is a gentleman that no one is paying much attention to. Yet if you look close enough you will surely see the slight point to his ears and the upturned eyes that tell me he is a fairy. Now why is a fairy flying on a plane? I have no idea. Maybe he thinks it's funny. Maybe it's just faster than the wings I am certain are hidden beneath his jacket.

The woman next to me is a little harder to identify, but I am almost certain she is a shapeshifter as her hair color has changed at least once since I've been here.

Where have you seen Supers hanging out? What gave them away?


  1. It's gotta be the eyes. They never blink and if you get a good look, there are tiny lenses telescoping in and out. These Supers are usually on busses, not planes. Different socio-economic class or deep cover? Hard to know.

  2. Good observation! It certainly is unnatural how they never blink.