Monday, January 20, 2014

Change It Up!

Going with my recent theme of changes, I want to encourage you all to shake it up a bit in your writing. Sometimes we get in a rut. Or at least feel that way, right? So what do you do? I'm a huge advocate of BIC (butt in chair). Also I've heard taking a stroll and clearing your mind is a good thing. But beyond that, when it's a day to day thing, my suggestion is to do something crazy. Something you wouldn't normally do. Something you want to hide from your internal editor. 

*rubs hands together like mad scientist*

Sit down. Think of the genre you are least likely to write. Now take a character from your WIP and plop them in a plot they have no business being in. It can be your MC or another character. You don't have to write a whole book, just a page or two. Maybe a chapter. Keep throwing in weird things that don't belong. See what your character does. Hopefully you'll have fun and be reinvigorated. 

Ever done this before? Have other suggestions to change it up?

Come back on Thursday for a special post about Story Sprouts and reasons to write for kids. Don't know what Story Sprouts is? Thursday you will!! 


  1. Perfect! I've done this. Actually, I did just that and guess what? I found some success. Can't say what yet, but soon.... ;) Can't wait for Thursday. I don't blog on those days, but I'll try to remember.

  2. I haven't done this, but I will. I like the idea of my MG characters in some adult world they don't belong in. :-)

  3. Never thought to do this. But it's a great idea. Will try it sometime.

  4. Definitely a creative way to shake things up! Sometimes when I'm stuck I'll start writing dialogue my characters would never say. And when you're writing a historical, that's pretty easy to do! =)

  5. I've done this before…heck, that's why I have a book with ghosts :)

  6. This sounds like a good exercise I'll have to try.