Monday, May 20, 2013

Contest and Tour Schedule

*Breaking news: THE BINDING STONE is available for only .99 cents on KindleThursday and Friday this week! Click here to check it out* 

Okay - NEXT week will be writing related, I promise! LOL But you DO want to WIN stuff, right? I hope so. Cuz I took your advice and I'm having a contest!!!

You will have multiple chances to win because I am doing some ebook giveaways on other blogs as well. But here's the contest for MY blog:

1. Tell me one wish you'd make if YOU had a genie. 

2. Tweet, FB, Blog, write on your forehead, whatever to get the word out! LOL If you do that last one I want a pic! Extra points for everything.

3. You can win one of the following: A print copy of the book (as soon as it's available and only in the US I'm sorry to say) signed by MOI, An ebook copy of the book, a critique (5 pages), a lovely canvas tote bag with the gorgeous BINDING STONE cover on it, a signed rack card with the same lovely art. 

That's 5 prizes! AND the best part? I might just ADD prizes if I get enough interest. So spread the word!! Just fill out the form below. 

Here's the schedule for my lovely blog tour this week:
I have a guest post on Stina Lindenblatt's blog
Interview/character interview on Margo Berendson's blog 
Interview on Julie Musil's blog
Laura Pauling has an Excerpt from the book!
Leslie Rose features me on her blog

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  1. One wish if I encountered a genie. Man, that's hard. I'll wish for the college tuition for my two teens to be fully paid (without loans) when their time comes.

  2. I'd wish to have my son's education paid for for as long as he wants to study.

  3. I have a similar wish : let the Wonder Twins receive some truly awesome college scholarships.

  4. Fun tour!!

    If it was a serious wish I'd want all kids to grow up in safe and healthy homes. If it was a personal & selfish wish, I'd want chocolate to have no calories! :)

  5. Oh, that was THIS Friday. Kidding.

  6. Yay! I'll help spread the word!

  7. Hi Lisa! Came to say thanks for your kind comment on my blog today! And now I'm glad to be following you. Congrats on all of your success--so many exciting things going on!!!!

  8. One wish....That should be an easy one, right? Most people/writers would say to be a published author. Me? I'd wish to lose XX pounds. (blushes)

  9. One wish you say hmmm easy, wish for unlimeted wishes at my bay

  10. I can't tell you my wish. Then it won't come true. Or is that only true with birthday wishes?

  11. For a movie to be made of "The Binding Stone" :)

  12. Whoop whoop! So excited for you Lisa! All the best of luck w/your new book~ :o) <3

  13. I'm not sure what I would wish for. I guess just health and long lives for me and my family.

  14. Glad I stopped by. I just picked up the book and started perusing it, got lost in it and almost forgot to post here!

  15. Ooo! A fellow blogger! Nice. Great to read AND you offer PRIZES! Mark Twain would be pleased. Joined. Read mine?