Monday, December 3, 2012

The Warm Up

If you read the blog last week (and did your homework) you're well prepared to get going! Got comfy clothes? Kidding! Any good workout has to start with some stretching and warm up so we don't jump in and hurt ourselves. Writing is no exception. So I want you to do the following exercise. You can do it each day and use a different outcome or you can do it once and jump into something you're dying to start. Think of it as a game. 

 Take the character you created last week and pick one from each of the following categories then write a couple pages. Just write. You don't have to show anyone, just see where it takes you.


  • Deep space
  • Kentucky
  • The Amazon
  • an apartment in New York
  • An animal
  • A rival at work/school
  • The weather/world itself
  • A psychopath
  • Safety
  • Love
  • To retrieve something of value
  • Save a relative
Okay now here's the fun part - don't make it obvious! Mix it up. Have her fight the world itself in an apartment in New York in hopes of retrieving something of value for example. You can mix these up and add your own as the week goes on so you try something new each day. OR you can use the first try to help you in whatever project you're working on now. Your choice. 

Ready? Set. Go!


  1. Great exercise. I missed last week, so I'll have to check it out. I love these types of exercises. Helps to free the mind.

  2. I missed last week's homework, but I am working on my characterizations. Does that count? lol

    I wish I had more time to do these exercises. I like the idea, though, for coming up with a new story idea. :D

  3. Kentucky!!!

    Great exercises. I like the idea of not making it too obvious.

  4. Great exercise. Love the warm up analogy.

  5. Ugh, I missed last week (you know, NaNo), but this is intriguing. Great way to jumpstart the creativity.

  6. what a FUN exercise! I love this! I missed the post from last week, I think, but this is great. Thanks, LG! :D <3

  7. Good idea. It's fun to see where those 'for fun' stories go - and how they improve our 'real' stories! :)

  8. Makes for an inspiring matrix, Lisa. Have to give this one some cogitation. :-)

  9. like this matrix idea! could really use this when I'm in the planning/outlining stage. For some reason, Kentucky made me smile.