Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Madness = Jen Daiker

Today I'm featuring blogger,
Jen Daiker! If you haven't visited her blog, Unedited, you should. This is what Jen had to say about herself:

1. Chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite. It can make a cloud day sunny, put a smile on my face, I love them.
2. I have unhealthy obsession I like to call, trash TV. Bravo being my favorite, The Real Housewives is delicious, the drama is something I just can't get enough of.
3. I have vivid dreams, normally pertaining to serial killers. It is where most of my current works derive from, The Collector & The Travelers.
4. I can't stand licking fingers, it's like my nails on the chalkboard. I eat pizza, chicken wings, cheetos and never lick my fingers. I've also asked that my husband not do that and he is so sweet and refrains as much as possible.
5. When I'm chilly, excited, in a really good mood I'll do a little 'JEN' dance. I'll also rub my hands together really fast... it's silly and weird but it's fun.

Well it seems to me, Jen has a bit of a dual nature. She has a weakness for chocolate chip cookies, but won't lick her fingers. She does an adorable happy dance, but dreams of serial killers... What type of creature is both lovable and mischievous?

A PIXIE that's what! Those adorable, lovable little trouble makers... So, Jen - do you have any extra pixie dust to share with the rest of us?


  1. Aw...she's such a pixie! That's great. Thanks for the share.

  2. Jen makes a fabulous pixie! Great post!

  3. I love Jen. Oooh, pixie dust. Where can I get some of that?

  4. Hehe This was so much fun Lisa!!! I can't believe I'm a pixie! I saw dual nature and was about to feel bad (because I had no idea what was coming next) but was very pleased with the way it turned out!!!

    Works perfectly considering the way I attract bloggers is through sparkles. Genius! I love being a pixie!

    Your brightened my day!!!

  5. Yeah, Jen!! So glad you all stopped by. Jen absolutely does rock as we all know.

    Jen - glad you liked it!

  6. Jen is awesome. I'm a huge fan of her blog. A pixie, how perfect, that's it exactly!

  7. Wonderful interview, ladies! :) Jen is fab. And such a pixie!

  8. Love this interview ladies, cracking me up!!!

  9. Jen makes the perfect pixie!!! Great choice! :)

  10. May I suggest Millionaire Matchmaker to go with your chocolate chip cookies.

  11. A pixie is perfect for Jen!

  12. Yes! Jen even looks like a pixie!

    I just can't get over the fact that she doesn't lick her fingers. Melted chocolate, cheeto dust, butter from popcorn, all such lickable goodies on the fingers.

    Jen, you crack me up.