Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolutions - the New Year kind

So I promised I'd go over some New Year's Resolutions last week, and being that we have only a couple of days left of 2010, I thought now would be the time. So here is my list of what resolutions these beings might be making...

1. Vampire:
Might resolve to lay off the teenage girl blood. It was fun at first, but now he's noticed a definite increase moodiness.

2. Zombie:
Might resolve to be more discerning in which brains he decides to eat. Those TSA agents for example? Talk about indigestion...

3. Werewolf:
Might resolve to howl a bit more quietly at the moon. Last time it was quite the fiasco when the neighbors called the police.

4. Ghost:
Might resolve to move on and let go of the past already. It's really been holding her back.

5. Author:
Might resolve to go out in public more. Not counting Starbucks and bookstores, and without the laptop and/or Kindle.

Of course all of these are simply wild imaginings. Kind of. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!


  1. *laughs* Great comic and list. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Anna - Happy New Year to you too!!

    Adriana - :D Glad you enjoyed.

  3. hehe :) The author in me says I need to write more, not spend time elsewhere.

    Thanks for the little fun imagination!

  4. Fida - it's all about finding that balance! :D

  5. Oh these are hilarious! I also resolved not to write in pajamas, that way it feels like work

  6. Bekah - LOL, but that would eliminate my 4AM epiphanies!

  7. Okay, I'm still gigglin over the TSA agents.

  8. Love it - although that last one is pretty hard to imagine! :)

    Hope your 2011 is full of joy and magic!! :)

  9. Lisa, these resolutions crack me up! Some writers (ahem) can visit Starbucks without the laptop since we don't have one. Wah, wah, wah!

  10. Julie - You can't use that excuse for much longer, Julie!! ;)

  11. Unicorn resolution: Dial down smugness of being near-perfect mythical beast.

  12. Leslie - now don't diss my pal Princess Pretty Pants!!