Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Madness OR Who Am I Picking Now?

Still haven't found a good name for this feature!!!

Okay - today's subject is someone I actually know (or think I do) pretty well. She's one of my first and dearest "writer buddies" a huge support, a critique partner and EXTREMELY talented.

I have to say, this is a difficult one... So let's think this through together, shall we? Julie is beautiful, kind, capable and maybe even slightly shy (though she covers it well). She likes adventure though - so don't be too fooled. Hmm. She's kind of two-sided. Adventurous and carefree and sweet/shy. Why Julie Dear, I do believe you are actually a WEREWOLF!! I bet all those crazy water-skiing and motorcycling adventures take place on the full moon, don't they?

So, now that I've outed you - are you going to bite me?

WHO'S NEXT???? Mwahahahaha!!! Check in on Monday to find out. (Of course checking in for my Thursday post is always a good idea too)! Comment and I'll give you extra consideration. But remember - no one's safe! NO ONE!!

Also want to give a heads up - I'm looking to do another interview of a supernatural creature, so any suggestions?


  1. You put a big smile on my face this morning! Did I see fangs? My secret!

  2. Are you trying to tell me you're really a vampire? Did I get it wrong?? :) So glad I could make you smile either way!

  3. Shoot...see? I get that stuff mixed up!

  4. Aww, you're just trying to cover up your true nature by acting all innocent!

  5. I love this feature on your blog! But I don't think I qualify because even though I'm a fictional character, and have some limited (so far!) magical abilities, I'm not one of those cool, dark, scary supernatural creatures like a vampire, werewolf, goblin, zombie, etc. etc. etc. Just a boring, uncool fairy godmother. Not my fault -- just born this way.
    (Blogger won't even let me, Delaney Collins, F.G., sign in as my self, just because I'm fictional. I have to get my creator to sign in for me. Annoying.)

  6. Are you kidding Delaney?? I think you're awesome! Though I guess saying a Fairy Godmother is a Fairy Godmother kind of blows the surprise, huh? I know! Maybe I can do Kathy. What do you think? Frankly, knowing a few Supers (as I like to call you guys) makes me tell people not to underestimate an FG like yourself.