Friday, November 29, 2013

Ian Kezsbom

Ian doesn't have a huge online presence like my other honorees, but he's no less important to me! See, Ian is not only an uber talented writer, he's also an AH MAZE ING editor. MY editor and president of Fuzzbom Publishing the company that published not only THE BINDING STONE, but all of the JOURNEYS OF WONDER anthologies. Ian's a busy guy (almost as busy as his wife, Deborah). He's a father, a film editor, and a publisher/writer. But he always gets back to me no matter how much is going on. He's multi-talented and a very funny guy. He does have a blog under Journeys of Wonder (clicky click). Happy Turkey Week, Ian!

Don't forget today is your last chance to leave info about someone you want me to thank with a prize.


  1. Ian (and Deborah) are both AWESOME and incredibly talented! All of the JOURNEYS OF WONDER collections are wonderful, and they did a fantastic job on THE BINDING STONE! Also? Incredibly great people.

    Did I mention JAN LEWIS as my suggestion before? Going to hit that note again, because she rocks! :)

  2. I separate my life into two phases BI and AI - before and after Ian. (and his amazing wife Deborah). I appreciate the way you have always pushed my work to higher levels. Awesome editor, critique partner, and most of all friend.

    1. That's funny - I separate my life the same way!

  3. Ian always looks like he just came into money. Great picture of him here today, too!

    If someone hasn't mentioned Natalie Aguirre, she deserves a pat on the back. She does great things on her blog.

  4. I don't know...I don't really like that Ian guy - he's pretty funny looking and he smells weird.