Monday, February 8, 2010

A Matter of Belief

I'm in a metaphysically contemplative mood today...

People seem to always make the assumption that if all these Supers are out there then everything else must be too. That kind of logic makes me cringe. Just because werewolves exist doesn't mean little green men from Mars are on their way.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying aliens can't or don't exist. I'm just saying that I have no idea. Not a shred of evidence either way. Do the Supers believe in aliens? What about God? Religion? These are huge issues, I know!

Once again I will say that it depends on the individual Super in question. I suppose if a vampire were religious before he or she turned, then they may continue to be. Even ghosts don't know what lies beyond. Few people understand that though difficult, ghosts can pass on too.

I guess for what it's worth, no one on earth knows everything. Perhaps the only ones escaping these kind of huge metaphysical questions are ogres and zombies as neither are clever enough to go there in the first place. Don't worry they know and accept this as true so it's not like I'm insulting them. Truthfully, they may have it easier than the rest of us since they don't have to worry about such things.


  1. I agree, Lisa. I prefer fantasies where the extraordinary is limited, and doesn't try to throw in every possible type of supernatural creature, plus the kitchen sink! When you have TOO much weirdness, it lessens the impact and the interest. You've got to draw the line somewhere!